Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Baking book collection |

Hello lovelies,
I'm really sorry but the kitchen is still not done. That means I still cant bake, its killing me because I normally bake every single week without fail. Anyway I thought I would take this time to show your a little collection of my baking books. These are just a few that I have, the rest are packed away in boxes in my make shift kitchen. If you want to get any of these books, click the image and it will take you to amazon where you can get them.

Bake off everyday |
Now because I love baking, I clearly love the great British bake off. I've watched it since it started and I'm slightly obsessed with it. This book is full of amazing recipes and I love the its not just cake. Its got recipes for breads as well, breaks is something that I love to bake and I like to experiment with different flavours to put a spin on the classic.

The cake book |
I've mentioned this book before and its my favourite to get recipes for cupcakes. I watch Jemma on youtube and her bakes are stunning and taste amazing, I got to go to her bakery in Soho last year and the cupcakes were divine. There's also the recipe for the cake I had from there. It was the best chocolate cake I've had, and that saying something as I've had a lot of cake. 

Bake it better | Classic cakes
I had my eye on this set of books for a while but waited until I found the best deal on them. These books are really cute and are part of a set from the great British bake off. This is the 1st in the collection and it has some of my favourite recipes in it. 

Bake it better | Biscuits
Another one from the bake off collection. I love that each book is specific to one bake, so this book is my go to when I want a really good biscuit recipe. I always want to attempt the biscuit's that I see on the bake off, with the help of this I can do that. In this one there is a recipe for jaffa cakes. In the UK these are in the biscuit aisle, I mean its got cake in the title but apparently its classed as a biscuit. Anyway I want to bake these as the two lovely ladies I work with love them, I thought I would attempt to bake these as a nice little treat for them.

Bake it better | Pies and tarts.
Again this is another one of the series. This book has some amazing recipes in it and I cant wait to try some of them out. I would love to be able to make some of the pies and tarts that are in this book. I've got my eye on a few to try, hopefully I can make them almost as good.

Bake it better | Bread
The last book of the series that I have and this one is probably my favourite. Even though I love baking cakes, there's something really satisfying about baking bread. I think because I like the science behind the rising process. Sounds weird but that just really interests me. There are so many recipes in here that I am desperate to try. I have so many ideas for flavouring's to my breads but I just need to experiment a bit, just to find out what works best.

Well I hope you liked that little look at my baking books. I know this isn't the most exciting post. If I'm honest I'm not really with it today, I'm in quite a stressy mood. I wont go into why but I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point. 

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