Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Shopping haul |

Hello lovelies,
 On Friday me and my friend went out shopping, again. To be fair I had hardly any money left for the rest of the month but a little bit of retail therapy was just what I needed. Her other friend also came with us which completed the little Adele trio we have going on currently. So I didn't get that much but I thought I would show you the bits I did get, I was really happy with what I got and I hope you enjoy this little haul.

Salted caramel candle | £4.99
Shannon mentioned this candle to me and I just knew that I needed this in my life. I love salted caramel candles and when I saw this in new look I just feel even more in love with it. I really love the jar that it comes in and I think this will look so cute on my bedside table. Its smells divine and because I knew this would be a new favourite, I may have popped two in my basket. 

Disney earrings | £2.50
If you don't know how much of a Disney addict I am then you are probably new to this little part of the Internet. I adore anything Disney and when I saw these I knew I needed them. I think this is a really subtle way to wear Disney without seeming to childish. It says someone special so maybe you have to buy them to give to someone, but I'm my own own someone special so I treated myself. Ive been wear the gold mickey earrings all week and I think these are going to be perfect for my trip to Paris in September. 

Tangled mug | £7.95
I really loved the beauty and the beast mug but we had the same dilemma. Last time we went shopping I was questioning the mug, the belle one says beauty is only skin deep. Like that bugged me because does that mean your only pretty on the outside. The guy we went with was like well skin goes to your bones, that confused me but we had the same issue this time. Luckily my eye was drawn to this one. My favourite colour and this saying is perfect for me.

Tsum tsum | £3.00 each.
I haven't really got into the tsum tsum hype that everyone else has been on. Unfortunately I may have started my collection and new addiction. I got the Eeyore one because those closest to me know that i can be an Eeyore some days. I also got the Rapunzel one because its my aim to collect all the princesses. I then may, that's may have gone shopping the next day and found another six that I "needed". I then may, again this is may have ordered myself the else and sadness tsum tsums. I don't regret my choices as these are actually bringing me a lot of joy at the minute which reminds me that I need to buy the joy tsum tsum.

This is not in the haul but luckily the guy we were with mentioned lunch. I didn't want to be the one to bring up the subject of food so I was so happy when he did. We all got a nice nandos and a very awkward spot to eat it in. Lets just say I left Shannon sitting on her own on the other side of the table because I couldn't be seen by someone. Sorry but at least you get to see him up close instead of me showing you a photo. 

I had a really nice day, it was so nice to just go out and be myself with two friends (Yes the guy now does class me as a friend, I checked)  and just spend the day having a laugh and doing some much needed shopping.

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