Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monthly favourites | February 2016

Hello lovelies,
Welcome to the second monthly favourite's of 2016. It feels like the last month has gone by so quickly, a lot has happened but its been one of the most exciting months I've had for a while. 

Beauty |
This is something I never thought that would be in a favourite's, but my eyeliner has become an everyday essential. I still cant do little flicks but I make sure that I put it on every day. I use the Rimmel London scandal eyes waterproof liquid liner. I think it brings more attention to my eyes and I, without sounding really vein think my eyes are probably the prettiest feature of me. Like the one thing I love about myself is my green eyes, hence the reason why I want to draw attention to them.

Lush |
My favourite lush product for February was the rose bombshell bath ballistic. This was from the mothers day range. If you want to find out what I thought about it then please click the picture and it will take you to the post about it.

Film |
I haven't really watched many films this month but I made sure that I watched big hero 6. I hadn't seen it and my friend was telling me all about it. I saw it and no it may have become one of my favourite's. I just love story behind it and I adore and really want baymax now. He's just so cute and I may be investing in one of the teddies from the Disney store. 

Book |
I don't really have a specific book that I've been loving this month, instead I've been really enjoy reading my baking books. I love going through them all to get inspiration for recipes and seeing new bakes that I can experiment with. I especially love my bake off books because they are filled with some great recipes.

Youtubers |
There have been quite a few youtubers I've been loving but again my favourite has been the lovely Ellie Steadman. This month me and Shannon broke Disneyland so I've been stalking her channel like mad to see all her Disney vlogs and planning videos.

Song |
Americas sweetheart by Elle king has been my favourite. This is just such an amazing song and I'm actually pretty obsessed with this girl right now. I had heard of her but when we went out on Saturday the guy I was with played me this and I was like, my god that's bloody brilliant. So I've had this playing non stop since.

TV show |
The great sport relief bake off. We all know how much of a bake off geek I am and I'm glued to my TV whenever its on. I just really love seeing all the bakes and the favour combinations that they all come up with.

Random |
I've been out a lot more this month. It's really nice to just go out with people my own age and just have fun. I also had my first clubbing experience and I actually really enjoyed it. I think because I've been so stressed at home lately, its just so nice to be able to go out with a lovely bunch of people and actually be able to act my age rather than have to be a full on adult with stupid little stresses.

Well I hope you liked my January favourites. Let me know what some of your favourites have been in the comments.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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