Friday, 4 March 2016

Giant doughnut cake |

Hello lovelies,
So I know my baking posts are normally on Wednesday but I had to bake yesterday because this is my work mummy's birthday cake. I cant wait to surprise her, like I know it doesn't look that good but she wanted a cake like this but her sister wouldn't do it, that's when I thought well I may as well surprise her. I'm going to say now that while I'm writing this I'm not in the best of moods. I basically got an answer that I'd wanted to know. Long story short I've had a little cry but its all good now. Its been a very emotional week.

Ingredients |
680g Butter.
680g Caster sugar.
560g Self raising flour.
120g Cocoa powder.
12 Eggs.
6tsp Baking powder.
Salted caramel sauce.

For the butter cream |
300g Butter.
600g Icing sugar.
Salted caramel sauce.

For the icing |
Icing sugar.
Pink food colour gel.
Green food colour gel. 

Step 1 |
I made the cake batter 4 times because I could only bake one section at a time but if you have a large bowl you can do it all at once. Anyway add the butter to your bowl (1/4 if you do it in 4 stages).

Step 2 |
Next add the caster sugar (1/4 if you do it in 4 stages) and then mix this until you have a smooth paste.

Step 3 |
Next add your eggs to the butter/sugar mix (1/4 if you do it in 4 stages).

Step 4 |
Now add your coca powder, flour and baking powder (1/4 if you do it in 4 stages).

Step 5 |
When you have mixed the ingredients together, grab your silicon mould. You don't need this is you can cut it out well but this was easier for me. You can get this on amazon so click the picture and it will take you to the page where you can get it. Grease the mould and then dust it with flour. Now add the mix to the silicon mould. If you have made all the mix up at the same time, just equally divide it between 4. Now pop this into the oven and bake for 35 minutes at 180c. Now keep baking them until you have 4 doughnut shaped cakes.

Step 6 |
Get one half of the first doughnut and then fill a piping bag with sales caramel sauce. I then injected the cake with the sauce at 10 points around the cake. This will mean the cake is extra moist and full of yummy caramel sauce.

Step 7 |
Pop the butter into a bowl and mix it until you have a smooth paste. Next add the icing sugar and then mix again. Now add a good amount of salted caramel sauce and keep testing it to see how strong it is. I used a lot because I wanted a rich butter cream.

Step 8 |
Once you have injected all the cakes with the caramel sauce you can start building the cake. Take two of the four cake pieces and apply butter cream to one of them. Then drizzle salted caramel sauce on top and place the other hand on the top. Then do the same with the other two cakes and then you should have two giant donuts. 

Step 9 |
Get two bowls and fill them notes with a good amount of icing sugar. Now add a few drops of water to each bowl and mix until you have a very thick icing. Now put the green into on end the pink into the other and mix them until you have the colour you want. Grab your piping bags and fill them with your icing. Now drizzle the icing over each cake to make it look like a big doughnut. When the icing is on them you can then go mad with the sprinkles.

Step 10 |
To support the cakes put straws into the bottom cake, it sounds silly but it will give the cake the support it needs. Gently place the next cake on top making sure that the straws have been inserted into the cake. In the picture I have it on a cake board but I took the cake bored out and just put the cakes on top of each other.

I'm aware that it looks awful but I know that the women I baked it for wont care, she'll just be so happy that I've done it. That's why I love her, she is honestly the loveliest lady and I like our mummy at work. So Happy birthday and thank you for letting me get emotional with you and giving me all the cuddles I need, the best advice and making me feel loved. I love you work mummy.

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