Tuesday, 29 March 2016

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Hello lovelies,
Today I'm in a much more cheerier mood. Yesterday my post probably seemed really depressing but I feel so great right now. I started the week really positive and happy, why? Because I know the answer to the question and I can actually focus on my friends instead of anything else. Today I want to give you a little tour of my room. My room isn't anything special but its all mine, the place this blog was created and the place I feel my happiest. Also I'm planning on having some film nights, well that's if my friends are still up for that after the weekends little revelation haha, so this is a little tour for them as well. Where I can I will try and link some of the products. 

So the main focus of my room when you walk in is my bed. I used to have a day bed which was single, much like me. However I have upgraded to what is now referred to at work as my "Big girl bed". The double bed frame was £80 from ikea and the mattress was also £80. On my bed I have a blossom and bird print duvet cover that was from asda, I think it was around £14. I have two giant cushions that I got from primark. They are so cosy and I do cuddle one of them when I go to sleep, what? I like to snuggle okay. I also have two Disney cushions and my sadness, Eeyore and Minnie.

On the headboard I got more little copper star lights. My aunt got me some of these last year and I love them, that's why I got a few more packs to twist around the bed. I think they make it look so pretty and at night it makes my room look and feel so cosy. The perfect little nest to relax in.

On the bedpost I keep my work bag and on this one in particular I keep my flower crown. I love a nice flower crown and I just think it make its look really cute.

My bedside tables use to be filled with crap. Like anything would just be piled on them and they didn't really look that great. Now they are clutter free and I love them. On my first table I have my LED star light, my rose gold phone/iPad stand, a salted caramel candle, a coaster and my cute little tea lights.

On the bottom of the table I have Disney corner. I have all my tsum tsums, the Disney book fold that my friends mum got me, my Eeyore ornament and my most treasured Disney possession, my princess jasmine lullaby ornament. I've had this since I was about 4 or 5 and I've always loved it. I remember the day I got it and its still my favourite thing I own. Unfortunately she lost the bird and top of her hand as you can see but apart from that she's still in okay condition.

On each side of my bed I also have two shelves. 

On the bottom shelf I have a selection of my favourite books, my shot glasses, my baking books and my little block that tells me the date. 

The top shelf is my favourite. On here I have my heart tea light holder, my pine cone stand, my little deer that I hang my bookmarks off and my lovely sunglasses. I can't wait to wear these, like I'm never normally fussed about sunglasses but I love these ones.

The pictures on my wall. I have two Alice in wonderland ones and in the middle I have my two pictures that make Adele's face. I am in love with the Adele ones and you can see them in the big picture of my bed.

Onto the other bedside table now and this is my favourite one. On this table I have another LED star light, a salted caramel candle, my tea lights, a little slate coaster and my gorgeous copper frame

In my copper frame I have my Adele ticket, confetti and my two Polaroid's of me and my friends when we went to see Adele. Its the perfect little way to preserve the memory of the best night of my life.

On the bottom of the table I have the shelf that holds some my lush baskets, the rest are under the bed. This is just a selection of some of my favourite's that I like to keep easily accessible.

The shelves on this side of the room have another selection of books, my Hermione wand, my camera money box, some cute fairy lights, a bird trinket bot and my little house tea light holder.

On the wall where my window is I have my little wooden clock and my chalkboard. These are both from Wilkinson's. As you can see, the chalkboard is my little countdown to Disneyland. On the hooks of this I have this little frosted glass happy sign from primark and my calendar which just has the days I'm at work or out.

My TV goes on a shelf on my wall and then I got another shelf to put underneath that is now the new home to all my DVDs. I also popped another star light on this shelf and then have displayed my favourite albums.

Now I couldn't do a room tour without showing you my blogging station could I. This is where the what I call magic happens. This is my writing space and I love it so much.

I have my mac which is where I do all my writing, I saved up for about 6 months to get this because for me this was the best purchase. I started my blog on my laptop and that wasn't cutting it, that's why last year I invested in my iMac and its honestly the best computer I've owned. I keep my camera and a little picture of me, mum and dad in a really cute little heart frame. I also have a little heart trinket plate that I keep my memory card on and my hair net for work.

365 Blog topic ideas book and my Disney planning book. These are currently two of the most important books to me, the first is great for ideas and the second is where I'm planning mine and Shannon's trip to Disneyland Paris.

In this corner I keep my lamp, my perfumes, a little trinket pot that holds my earring and my make up basket. My aunt got this for me on Saturday and I love it so much. Its rose gold and fits all my make up in it perfectly. I also have little pegs that go on my sprinkleofglitter poster that I have clipped my Adele confetti to.

Well that's my room. Obviously I miss out the boring bits like my wardrobe but I really hope you liked that little tour of my own little paradises. This is is the one place that I write from and I feel like I finally have it just the way I want. 

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