Thursday, 17 March 2016

Adele live | Best night of my life

Hello lovelies,
I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you all. Most of you will know that I am massive Adele fan and luckily for me, my friend managed to get me, her and her friend tickets to see Adele perform at the O2 London. I will be rambling in this post so I'm very sorry about that but its still all so fresh in my mind and I want to have this as a memory forever.

So I was awake at about 6 to get ready, yes we weren't going until 12:30 but I was more excited than anything so I got up to just listen to Adele all morning. If you want to see how I got ready and what make up I used then click this link just here. I was ready by about 10 so from then on it was just me waiting for Shannon to get me and L at 12:30. My god I had my Adele albums playing all morning, full volume and I was just still trying to process that I was actually going to see Adele live. I had waited about 8 years for this moment and even know its happened, well it still doesn't feel real.

Shannon got me and then we headed off to the station, I was going to use my oyster card but I opted for a travel card which is a very good job because of something that happened later on that night. We got the longer train which was a bit annoying but we had some good chats and I cried laughed a lot. Honestly there was just no point in me even attempting my eyeliner, it had all been cried off but the time we had lunch.

We got to the O2 at around 2pm and just ran to the merchandise stands. I wanted to make sure that I got all my merch before everyone else got all the big sizes. I found it really hard to choose what I wanted. Like there was a lot and well I'm quite drawn in when I see anything Adele. In the end I got the Adele programme and the Adele long sleeved black top, on the back it has all the dates that she's doing on this tour. My top was £30 and the programme was £20. Yes I spent £50 or merchandise but I allocated £70, so if anything I did quite well.

Anyway after we got all the merch we wanted we headed round to the harvester for lunch. I was set on the idea of harvester because I have a little obsession with red devil sauce, my god if you haven had it then you need to be popping to your local restaurant and tasting this incredible sauce. Anyway, lunch was lovely but I do think we were probably the loudest in there. It all went wrong though when asking for dessert, 2 out of 3 wasn't bad but when it got to me I f*cked up and asked for the honeycomb blizzard. Much to the amusement of the others I just ended up cry laughing......again. 

So after lunch we were going to go for drinks but we all decided against it, I think we didn't really want to drink in case we drank a bit to much and couldn't remember any of the concert. We headed round to wait to get into the arena and unfortunately for us that meant waiting near the VIP section. Unfortunately they did offer us to go in there but its all good because we got to see Joe Sugg. We didn't get a picture with him but I was like oh my god, its Joe. He looked gorgeous and well I tried to get a picture but it was really blurry so sorry about that. Well here it is, a good Joe fan will be able to make him out even in the blurriness. I really wanted to get a decent picture of him because he was looking stunning.

Well after that exciting moment we waited for a bit longer and then got to go round to wait to be checked. The security was really good there, they checked everyones bag and quickly got everyone into the arena. When we got in there we were so impressed with our seats.  Like I was like Shannon are these really our seats, me and L were so impressed that we were that close to the queen of music. Anyway we had to wait for about an hour and a half for Adele to come on stage but it gave me a good chance to get pictures of the arena and to show you just how close we actually were to her. These pictures aren't zoomed in. This is actually how close we were to her.

If you don't want to know the set list then maybe scroll down past this. I'm going to try and upload a video and post it here but I'm not sure if it will let me do it. If not I'll post a link, it will be an unlisted video but you lovely lot should still be able to view it.

Hometown glory.
One and only.
Rumour has it.
Water under the bridge.
I miss you.
Million years ago.
Don't you remember.
Send my love.
Make you feel my love.
Sweetest devotion.
Chasing pavements.
Someone like you.
Set fire to the rain.
All I ask.
When we were young.
Rolling in the deep.

Here are some pictures I got while I was watching her perform. Only a few of these are zoomed in as at some points of the night she was on the B stage.

I cried a lot during this but I don't think Shannon noticed how much which I was quite happy about, although at one point I was crying and L noticed. Yep that was embarrassing especially as it was during chasing pavements, the first Adele song I ever heard. At the end during the last song confetti was sprinkled over the audience, I only managed to get two pieces but luckily for me before we left L scooped up a load of confetti and placed it in my hand. I was so happy, like he could have kept it for himself but he let me have it so thank you so much, see if you become a friend of mine you start to get mentions on my blog and to me thats a big deal. It might not seem it to anyone else but I'm quit selective who I talk about on my little online bubble. Below is a picture of my tour programme, confetti, ticket and the Polaroid's Shannon let me have. I've blurred out the faces but this was the picture I put on Facebook.

When we left we were going to just get on the train to go back home but it was pointed out that if we went into London and went to another station then we could get better seats on the train and it would be less busy.....I agreed with this little plan and unfortunatly we were both wrong so I'm really sorry Shannon. We ended up walking around London at 11:15 trying to make it to our last train home. Thankfully we made it and then it was like it was all never happened. The minute I got home I sat on my bed and just cried. That sounds really pathetic but I've waited to see Adele since I first heard chasing pavements all those years ago when I was still a little girl. I'm now a grown up and I've connected on a much deeper level with her music, I've felt the heartbreak and emotion that went into the wiring of the songs. It feels like a dream, it really does. I was one of the lucky people that got to see this phenomenal woman live. I also had an amazing night with two friends. What more could a girl ask for?

Well I hope you liked that post. To be honest I wrote it more for me, one day I'll come back and re live every little detail and be so thankful that I got to see her. If any of you went to see Adele then please let me know in the comments. What show did you go to or are you going it?

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