Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Adele concert | Get ready with me

Hello lovelies,
Today I thought I would post a little get ready with me. As most of you know by now, today is the day when I finally get to see Adele live with my two favourite people. I'm writing this on Monday because I wanted to dedicate today just to spending time with my friends and seeing Adele. I might not end up wearing the outfit but this is the current choice. 

Excuse the very odd looking me but I plan on wearing this red and blue check dress that I got from new look, black tights and cardigan and my black Chelsea boots from new look. Like I said this is what I'm wearing at the moment but that could all change.

So I want to make myself looks quite nice for seeing Adele, also I'm not saying I'm out to impress I'm just saying that maybe I'm trying make a little bit of an effort just in case someone decides to notice me in a different way. That wont happen but as always I remain hopeful.

So this is all that make up that I'm staring with. Ill go through what I'm using at each stage.

So my base is going to be the dream satin liquid foundation by maybelline. This is the lightest shade they do and sometimes I still thinks its to orange on me. Anyway, I use 1 and a bit pumps of this and then dot it all over my face with my real techniques buffing brush. I then use this to blend all my foundation in and make sure that its applied evenly.

After my foundation I apply my maybelline concealer to the creases around my nose, under my eyes because I have really bad dark circles and then I cover any annoying spots or blemishes. I then take the contour brush form real techniques and gently blend it in. I do this very lightly because if not it just blends with the colour of my foundation making the concealer pointless.

Next I use my mayblline powder in the shade 220 and then use my blush brush (I don't use a bright blusher so it doesn't really matter) to dust my face with a nice little coat of powder. I know some people don't use it but I don't like my face looking to shiny if that makes sense. I also think it helps it last a bit longer on my face.

 Eyes are next and this is where I go all out. Out of all of my features I think my eyes are the best thing about me, I love them and I like to make them look their best. I used the maybelline blushed nudes pallet and I use a mixture of the colours. I use place the brush on the colour I use, this one doesn't have names for the shades so if you have this pallet then you'll know what colour I'm using.

First I apply this shade to all of eyelid and take it over my crease as well.

Next I take this dark shade and pop in just in the crease of my eye and with my deluxe crease brush I blend this in. I keep doing that until its blended in nicely.

Now I take this lighter shade and apply it to half my eyelid, I do this because then it blends with the lighter shade and creates a more smokey eye and I like the look I get by doing this.

I then use this shade to just apply it under the crease at the edge of my eyelid to make it look slightly darker, I then blend it out and make sure it mixes with the other shades to create a nice smokey eye.

Now I take this shade and take this just under my eye. This just brings that whole smokey eye together and incorporates some of the colour into the bottom. 

Now for the eyeliner. I like to think I've perfected the Adele flick. Basically I apply my eyeliner and I do quite a lot to really make it notice, I then just drag it across my lash line and out. Like it looks a mess but then I just get a cotton bud with make up remover on it and basically sculpt the perfect wing. What can I say, at least I can say that I tried doing it normally and I didn't work so this is the messy way of getting the Adele flick.

Next its time to curl my poor excuses of eyelashes and then apply more liner to the bottom lash line. 

I then use my maybelline lash sensational waterproof (It has to be, I spend a lot of time crying with laughter and its Adele, I'll be weeping anyway) mascara and I do two coats then use my stick thing.....yes stick thing, I have no clue what that's called. I'm not a beauty blogger so please don't expect the technical terms.

Now to Finnish my make up I use a little bit of my Ted Baker blusher. I don't do a lot but I like to add a bit of colour to my cheeks. I don't think ill be needing this as were getting the tube, I go quite  decent shade of red when I get on the tube so this will prove pointless.

Nails! At work we aren't allowed fake nails or painted nails, so because I have the week off I went out and got set of lots of fake nails. Normally I don't like fake nails because they hurt my real ones, does anyone else have that. However this time they feel fine. I cut and shaped them to how I wanted them and painted them with the Barry M quick dry polish in the shade 535 or bright purple 

So that's me ready, now I'll show you what I've got in the little clutch bag I'm taking. I got this from new look and I love it so much. You all know that that I'm not embarrassed and I'll share everything with you so don't get weird with whats in my bag.

So in my bag I have my Barclays ping it thing that means I can transfer money, a small hand cream because my hands get dry white a lot. I have my little mirror, my nivea peach lip balm. I am obsessed with this lip balm and I always like to make sure I have this on when I see someone, just in case a handsome man decided he wanted to kiss me. Not that that going to happen but I'm optimistic. I also have a sanitary towel and a tampon just in case I need it, you can never be to prepared! I'll also be taking my phone and my camera, a spare memory card and a spare camera battery.

I'm also taking my purse which ill just keep my ID in and my bank cards, I'm going to also make sure I keep my train ticket and my oyster card in here.

In case its sunny I got these really nice sunglasses from primark, they were only £2 and I really love this style. They may not be every ones cup of tea but I'm really hoping I can wear these because I think they look pretty good.

Well that's what I'm wearing and taking to Adele. I'm so excited for tonight and I plan on having the best day with two of my favourite people. I cant wait to tell you all about it and share my pictures from the show with you and document it on my blog because this is a memory that I want to remember forever.

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