Tuesday, 22 March 2016

10 Things to do on a rainy day |

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to write a little post about my top 10 things to do on a rainy day. I love ready blog posts like this and I really hope you enjoy it.

Write blog posts |
If I'm stuck inside and its pouring down outside then I take the time to write a lot of blog posts. Now this wont be for everyone, partly because not all of you lovely lot have a blog. However I find so nice to just sit down at my computer and get some writing done. It doesn't actually have to be blog posts, I've spent many a rainy day writing for my book.

Read a book |
I love a good book but I find that I don't get that much spare time to sit down and read. I like to pick a good book, put on a really baggy jumper (Not that many of my clothes are baggy) and curl up on the couch or on my bed and get lost in someone else's made up world. Its the perfect way to escape reality. I love a good romance novel, partly because I wish that I could live in the book and be the character.

Have a film day |
This is one that can be done alone or with friends, normally a best friend. I don't have any friends let alone a best friend (Unfortunately) that would want a movie day at my house so I tend to have movie days on my one. I like to make the most out of these by snuggling into my bed, in a little fort of my pillows and putting on a good Disney film. If I'm having a bad day then I go for Hot Fuzz, the one film that I know all the words to.

Bake |
There's nothing better than baking a nice batch of cookies or a lovely cake while the rain is pouring down outside. I love it because it makes me feel really at home and like I've done something nice. Also the smell of baking is just my idea of heaven so I always like to combine my baking days with a rainy day.

Tidy your room |
This may sound like a really mundane and boring task but when I can't go out I get the urge to sort out and tidy my room. Granted it takes me a good few days to actually finish tidying it but it feels so rewarding when its done. Theres nothing better than actually being able to see the floor in my room and not have to kick a path to my bed. 

Have a pamper day |
Run yourself a nice hot bath, pop a bath bomb in and then sit back and relax. On pamper days I treat myself to several lush products, paint my nails and just have a really chilled out day. I also like to make sure I put a nice hair mask on. I think it does my horrible hair some good and it makes it feel really healthy.

Listen to music |
I am one of those weird people that like sitting watching the rain pour, whilst listening to one of my favourite albums. That means I will always have my Adele albums at the ready and I always have to listen to my favourite ever song......if you know what it is then 30 points to your Hogwarts house. Its somewhere only we know by Keane, the first song that I really connected with and the one that holds my most special memory for.

Go for a walk |
Yep, that's right go for a walk. Am I the only one that loves going for walks in the rain. I love just escaping the house and walking in the rain. It just seems so relaxing and I cant really work out why. I think its because I like going out, getting soaked and then being able to come home in the warm and get my pyjamas on, grab a cup of tea and settle down with a good book.

Youtube |
I have been know to just lay in my bed all day and binge on youtube videos. I once spent a whole day watching sorted food. It was the best day, why? Because I got to be all snuggled in my bed, I had my tea and my bedroom was pitch black. That was my idea of heaven, I also love to spend the day watching sprinkleofglitter videos. That's a day well spent in my opinion.

Text or call a friend |
As silly as it sounds one of my favourite things to do is to text my friend. To be honest if anyone ever saw our conversations then that would be be terribly embarrassing but I love having a good chat with her. She's one of the few people I have no boundaries with now, like she knows quite literally everything about me so I can talk to her about anything, no matter how odd it gets. For me its nice to be tucked up in bed, film on in the background and texting one of my favourite humans.

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