Monday, 22 February 2016

Work night out |

Hello lovelies,
If you follow me on twitter then you'll probably know that on Friday I was out with the girls from work. Not all of them, just a select few and I had such a great night. I just thought I'd chat a little about it because I wanted to share with you everything that happened something that's made me decide to do something after Adele. How mysterious.

So I had the day off work and so did the others apart form Shannon who unfortunately had to slave away at work being moaned at most of the day. Sorry. Anyway I was basically ready by the like 2 and we were all meeting at 7. So I had time to tweak my awful appearance while I waited. I added some waves to my hair attempting to make it look like the Adele style and I also put on all my make up in an awful attempt to make my eyes look all lovely. Sadly that didn't work and I ended up cry laughing an awful lot. Thank god for waterproof eyeliner and mascara. 

Anyway I went round Shannon's at like ten past 6 but unfortunately I had to get a cab. I have never got a cab on my own before and I was like oh I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. Anyway he got down her round and drove all the way down it and around the corner, way past her house and was like what number? I didn't have the heart to tell him that he'd gone past it so I was like here's fine, let him keep all my change because I didn't want it to be awkward and then had the cold but short walk to Shannon's. I felt a little bad because I was early and also her cat didn't like me, I was getting some bad vibes from that cat. Anyway her mate came round a bit later because he was coming out with us and taking us to the station. Anyway after her leaving the room several times leaving just the two of us, we actually didn't have an awkward silences. 

I don't even know what time we left to go and get the others but it was definitely later then planned. We were going to see the guy from work in his band at this pub. When we got there I think we were all a bit unimpressed with the pub, lets just say that maybe it wasn't our type of people really. I had quite a bad headache when we got there and the band were very loud. Good but loud so there a teeny tiny chance that I put my earphones in. I'm sorry okay but if I had to listen to something when my head was killing me I wanted it to be lady gaga or Adele. 

After he had finished we all headed back and then just went to the pub, I wasn't really up for that because I was really worried my sister was going to be there. When my friends mate dropped us there (He had to go home) he was like look go in and see if your sisters in there. I'll wait here for you and then if she's in there I'll drop you home. Luckily when we got in there my sister was no where to be seen so I got Shannon to call him just to let him know. I feel a bit guilty that he was going to wait and then drop me home but its all good, I messaged him just to say thanks much to the amusement of the girls I was with what can I say I'm just a polite person and I didn't want to seem rude.

So my sister turned up drunk and no doubt high on the latest drug she tried. Honestly she an absolute embarrassment and I just wanted to go home. I felt bad but she put me in such a bad mood and I just feel like I made every ones night really bad. Oh well I think I'm done with her now. Shes making stupid choices and none of us can stop her because we just get screamed at and told to f off or that were a bunch of c*nts. It's now basically I go or she goes. My aunts said I can stay with here if I want but I'm looking for full time work anyway, I don't want to leave my job because I love everyone I work with but its a choice of stay at home and be miserable or move out and be happy. 

Well that was my night out and even though it ended with me wishing I was anywhere else but near my sister, I still had such a lovely night with the girls from work. Its nice to see them outside of the little supermarket bubble it feels like I live in.

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