Monday, 15 February 2016


Hello lovelies,
From the title this post is pretty self explanatory but I wanted to share the news with you. Me and my friend Shannon are going to Disneyland Paris! Now I never thought I would be saying that I was going to Disneyland but I am.

Was this planned? Not really no. I told her that my cousins were going, this was on Wednesday. On Thursday we were like we should go to Disney. She then pointed out that maybe we should ask our manager if you could both have the time off, so on Friday we popped up to work because if we didn't do it Friday we had to wait until the following Tuesday. I went up to work in full Disney dress, Disney top, bag and vans. I also made my manager a mickey mouse shortbread to sweeten the deal. Thankfully we got our yes and virtually ran like children to go and see the women we work with in the canteen.

On Friday night we, well I say we when I actually mean Shannon booked it for us. I think we got a pretty good deal on the price considering that includes our park tickets, travel and hotel. So yeah I am finally going to Disneyland and I'm so happy I get to go with a fellow Disney addict and one of my closest friends (Yes Shannon, I sort of count you as one of my best friends. Sorry, I mean that's just me I know its to soon for you but considering my friend levels are low your at the top of that list haha.).

We've already discussed that we sort of need to do the princess meal. I think this trip is going to be mainly meeting characters and running around like 5 year olds with Minnie ears on. Because we are staying on site that means we get extra magic hours, so I've suggested we do rides in that time then spend the day hunting down the characters for cute pictures with them.

Sorry this is a very short post but I was just so excited to tell you all. You all know my love for all things Disney and I'm finally making one of my childhood dreams come true. I'm now counting down the days until we are at Disneyland.

I'm getting all my lists ready, like one plan for the train, a plan for when we get there and then a plan for what we can do. Shannon you're going to get so bored of my little plans and lists but I'm just super exited and I want to pack in as much as we can in our trip. Sorry if I get on your nerves, just leave me in Disneyland if you need to. I think ill adapt to my new life quite well.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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