Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Shopping day |

Hello lovelies,
This week I have the week off which means I managed to escape work. Now if you follow me on twitter then you may know that my mum hasn't got a car, that meant that I couldn't go shopping and return home to the mother ships that are lush, Disney, primark and paperchase. Luckily for me my lovely friend was going and took pity on my and invited me along. It was just me and her going and then her guy friend came along, this is also the ones who's going to Adele. I honestly thought well I'm going to be very quiet all day and just be really shy, I wasn't and I cant really work out if that's a good or a bad thing. Anyway I thought I would do a little haul of the bits and bobs that I got. 

Finding memo pyjamas | 
We all know how much I like a good pair of pyjamas. I spend my time either in my work uniform or my PJ's so I needed to get a new pair. Also they were Disney so I couldn't not get them. The top was £5 and the bottoms were £8. They also had lion king ones but the tops were on a really high hanger and I couldn't reach it that well to find my size. I didn't want to ask my friend or her friend because that would mean me facing the embarrassment of them looking for my size. 

Lush goodies |
Surprisingly I only got myself 4 things from lush but I'lll do a haul of those next week. In the picture are all the bits I got for the lovely lady I work with, she's basically like my work mummy and she's on a bit of a lush hype right now so her birthday presents is sorted. 

Chalk board |
I've wanted a chalk board for ages and I saw this in primark I just had to buy it. I've even ordered a chalk board pen so I can write everything I'm doing in the week, so basically when I'm working and when I've got my driving lessons. This was £5

Deer |
This is the most adorable thing I've seen and I was drawn to this like a moth to a flame. I just needed this. I don't know why but for one its got little flowers on it and its just so damn cute. I also think this will look very cute on my desk. 

Powder |
I have needed a new powder for a few weeks now so I popped into superdrug to grab this. I also smelt a shower gel which smelt like plums and it was the best thing I smelt all day. 

Measuring spoons |
I love my baking but for some reason all my measuring spoons have gone missing, this makes it so difficult to get the right measurement. I got this little set from lakeland and I think it was under £2.

Lush |
Here's the small collection of products I got from lush for me. I'll be doing a haul of these because these are all the mothers day products. They really wasn't much this year so I just got the bits they did do. Expect that post next week.

Cake tester |
I lost my cake tester about a month ago, I'm pretty sure my mums "tidied" it away which means I now can't find it anywhere. Anyway this was about £3 so I'll be keeping this where I know its safe.

Well that's actually everything I got on this little shopping trip. For once I didn't actually over spend and I had such a nice day. It's now not going to be awkward when I go and see Adele because I was so awkward yesterday that I can't get any worse, so I'm very sorry Shannon but you know what I'm like and apparently I just felt I could be very weird around your guy friend. I hope I wasn't to odd for him because you're used to my quirky ways and very odd mind. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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