Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Monthly favourites | January 2016

Hello lovelies,
Welcome to my first monthly favourite's of 2016. Thinking about it now I could have done a yearly favourite's but its just to late now, just expect one next year. Anyway I've had so many favourite's this month and I can't wait to share them with you.

Beauty |
I have been wearing make up everyday this month, I'm trying to make more of an effort with how I look. It makes me feel a bit prettier and more confident. I won't lie at first is was done as a tool to try and get someone to notice me a bit more, that didn't work but I'm actually feeling a lot more confident now that I'm wearing it on a daily basis. My favourite this month has been The Nivea peach lip balm. I know its not technically make up but this smells divine and also my lips are been so dry lately, this has helped so much. Also my lips are fruity and taste delicious just in case any nice men (one or two in particular) decided to go in for kiss. I mean I'm living in a dream world but my lips are moisturised and smell fantastic.

Lush |
I've used so many lush products this month and I've also got a few as gifts, my favourite has been the lover lamp. It's from the valentines day collection and its so good for my skin and smells gorgeous. I did a little review of it that you can see here. I would really recommend this if you like the butterball because its basically like a chocolate orange version of that.

Film |
Wreck it Ralph has been my favourite film this month. I'm a Disney addict yet I hadn't actually seen this film. My friend mentioned it and I was desperate to watch it because I was hearing how good it was. Any way I watched about 4 times in one day and I've watched it a few more times since then. It's such a lovely story and I have a little bit of a crush on Ralph. What can I say I like odd hair and Ralph is just really sweet. If I had to date a Disney character then I think he would get my vote.

Book |
I'm still reading according to yes. I've not really had the time to finnish it but I'm so close to the end. The book is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a bit of romance, I will warn you now that they're are some sex parts in the book. It's tasteful no fifty shades of grey nonsense, not that I've read it but I just assume it is based on what I've heard.

Youtubers |
I've been loving Ellie Steadman this month. Shes been uploading her Florida Disney vlogs and I've been obsessed. We all know I love my Disney and this women is basically like a Disney guru. If you're a Disney lover then I would go over to her channel, you'll get hooked on her videos. 

Song |
I've been really loving around u by Ellie Goulding. The lyrics to this song are quite relatable right now and it just fills me with so much happiness when I hear it. Here's my favourite part from the song "When I look into your eyes Boy, I'm feeling delirious But you know this is serious. I'm sticking to you like glue. Only see you now and then But I know we could have it all, Because before I was cynical, Baby you were just cool". 

Blogs |

I have two favourites this month. My first if Lou's because I've been loving everything she's been writing this month and she also wrote about her anxiety and how it made her feel. This post was a massive eye opener and I'm so happy that she decided to write about it, I'm really proud that she did because it can't of been easy. Lou is blogging best friend and I'm so happy she felt able to share this with her readers. I'm also very excited because we're plan on meeting each other this year which is so exciting. I shall be giving her a massive hug when I finally meet the girl who's helped me through so much.
You can see that post here | Living with anxiety.

The second blog I've been loving is Shannon's, am I biased? Probably but I genuinely really love her blog and am really happy she started it. This is the same irl person who found my blog, professional daydreamer but its nice that she's involved in the blogging world now. Shes a new blogger but I think you should all pop over to her blog and show her some love because her posts are so good. My favourite post was her weight loss one. This really inspired me to stick with the diet and I think is a really good read for anyone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle.
You can see that post here | My weight loss story.

TV show |
Orange is the new black has been my obsession this month. I joined netflix after my holiday and I got through all three series in a week. I think the story is really great, the comedy in it is really funny and I love all the characters, epically crazy eyes.

Random |
This month I've got my gym in gear and started being healthy. I'm really proud of myself because I don't normally stick to diets but I'm seeing it as a lifestyle change than a diet. I'm happy that I'm actually excited about getting fit and healthy, I'm also probably going to go to Zumba next week but I'm just still a bit nervous. I'm probably also going to join the gym. yes I'm become that person who likes the gym.....I've changed.

Well I hope you liked my January favourites. Let me know what some of your favourites have been in the comments.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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