Friday, 19 February 2016

Lush unicorn horn |

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to review the lush unicorn horn. This was part of the valentines range and may still be available on the website to buy for a short time. I really loved the unicorn horn last year so I made sure I stocked up on these bubble bars this time around. With lush products always think the bubble bars are worth the money because you can decided how long you make that bar last. This was around the £4 mark and I think its was worth it for product. I can get around 4 baths out of this bubble bar so that's like £1 a bath.

Here's what lush say about the unicorn horn "Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they're not (don't worry they definitely are) you won't mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.".

Ingredients |
  • Sodium Bicarbonate,
  • Cream of Tartar,
  • Sodium Laureate Sulfate,
  • Laurel Betaine,
  • Cornflour,
  • Perfume,
  • Lavender Oil,
  • Ylang Ylang Oil,
  • Neroli Oil,
  • *Citral,
  • *Limonene,
  • *Linalool,
  • Snowflake Lustre,
  • Silver Glimmer Lustre,
  • Maize Starch,
  • Colour 45430,
  • Colour 42090,
  • Colour 47005,
  • Colour 19140,
  • Colour 45350.

I really loved the unicorn horns last year but it seems like they have got smaller this time. Obviously with the bubble bars they do vary a little in size because they are formed by hand and not a mould, that means you can pick the biggest in store. I just think because of the popularity of them last year maybe lush have made them smaller to sell a larger volume of the product. I adore the smell of this bubble bar and I think the pastel colours are just so pretty. It turns the bath a very pale pink and fills it will soft bubbles. Because this has got lavender in it, its made me feel so relaxed and really made my bubble bath the perfect escape after a very stressful week. The other think I love about this product is that it has some shimmer on it that makes the bath water sparkle just a little bit. Its so lovely to just immerse yourself into the bubble paradise and drift away to your only little world.

Sorry that this post was quite short. I've got a lot to do today and then I'm going out later so I need to attempt to make myself look pretty, if it was just me and the girls going I don't think id make as much of an effort.....but I feel like I need to just in case I see anyone nice.

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