Monday, 1 February 2016

Getting fit and healthy |

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to chat to you about getting fit and healthy. This is something I always say and I'm always so determined to do it. This time however I'm actually loving it and haven't broken my "Diet". There's a few factors that helped me reach this little healthy epiphany.

When I was away I made the decision that I needed to make some changes in my life. I wanted to become more independent and actually tackle my health and weight. I'm very open on this blog so I'm not afraid to tell you my weight. When I got back from my holiday I weighed 18stone. There I said it. I now weigh 16stone 7pounds. I know I've still got a way to go but its a start and I'm feeling so much better physically and mentally. Also I know for some that's quite a lot to loose in under three weeks. I loose weight very quickly at the start its the way my body works. I'm being healthy about my weight loss and not being silly.

It feels like I've been hiding in myself for so many years, I've been eating my feelings and as silly as this sounds, I know that at school I didn't have friends, I had people I hung around with and food was sort of a comfort to me. I'm sort of still in that position now, I don't have anyone that I go out and do things with so normally I get bored and just eat. Even if I'm lonely I'm not letting my body suffer anymore. Its like a switch has been turned on and I'm ready to start a healthy lifestyle.

Dieting has always been something I've struggled with. I was always a chubby child but the weight piled on when I was home schooled. That was from the age of 7-11. Now when I went back to school I was teased about my weight constantly and it's left me with body confidence issues that I really want to deal with. I don't like my arms on show because I'm scared people will laugh at me. For example at Christmas we got to wear festive tops, I wore a jacket as well because the sleeves didn't cover my upper arms. I was on the verge of passing out because I was so hot but I kept it on, no one cared what my arms looked like but its always something that's bothered me.

I have never started a diet and kept to it. I've always followed my mums rule of start Monday. Look where that got me, two weeks ago I was my age in weight and that upsets me a little. I learnt to accept my weight and started feeling much happier when I was working full time last year, that had a little something to do with someone but lets just say I was finding excuses. When I worked full time my weight did drop a little but fast forward a few months, I was eating my feelings and crying into a tub a ice cream.

I'm going to treat myself once a month to my favourite meal and also when I go to Adele I'll probably have something nice to eat there. I mean the idea of harvester where I can get red devil sauce is to exciting for me.....but I think I'll be sticking to pasta and maybe a little bit of chicken. 

Well this time I'm more determined and I'm seeing it not as a diet but a lifestyle change. I'm proud that I haven't had any sugary foods in almost three weeks. I've cut out the fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate, cakes, ice cream and anything sweet. Also I've cut out cheese....I like my cheese so this is a big deal. Now I thought I'd be craving all these treats a few hours into this healthy change. surprising I've been fine. My body feels so much better for it as well. I used to eat family sized bags of crisps to myself, drink a bottle of 1.75litre coke most nights and just munch my way through chocolate like it was my last day on earth. Even I know that excessive but I'm so happy that I've managed to stop and make the changes while I'm still young.

Another reason I wanted to get fit and healthy is because, and I haven't even told her this but a few months ago my friend put a picture on Facebook of her a few years ago and one of her now. She's done amazingly well with her healthy lifestyle and weight loss and she inspired me a little. She actually did a blog post about it which I encourage you all to go and read, I was inspired but this post and its given my the boost I needed to keep going with my healthy lifestyle. You can go and read that here! Granted after seeing that picture it took me a few months to get my bum in gear and actually start, but now I've started I don't want to stop. I'm even thinking about joining the gym which is something I never thought I'd do. 

I want to lose weight so I'm much healthier and so much happier. I'm actually in an okay place right now in my life, yes home isn't great at the minute but with time it will get better. Work is great which I didn't think I'd say, I get to see my work chums and have a good giggle. I've also got a little bit of a crush on someone at work, I know I won't ever be his type but it's nice to have my attention shifted for a while. Even though its just a crush, having it is helping me slowly but surely get over someone which is helping me make better choices and healthy lifestyle changes. Who knows? In the future I could meet someone who I adore and someone who actually likes me. I'm no ones first choice I know, but I remain hopeful that one day I'll find someone.

Exercise is one thing I didn't think I'd be excited about but I've found that I actually love it now. At first I hated it but a few days in I felt so much better, now I actually look forward to doing it. I do an hour and a half on the exercise bike and I'm considering going to Zumba. I love Zumba, I used to do it at school in P.E and I would love to do it again. I just think I'm a little to big to do it now, I'm sure if I lose a little more weight I'll feel more confident. I've actually ordered a Zumba DVD so I can do that at home for a few weeks to learn the pace of it, I know classes are different but I think it will give me the confidence to go to that class.

Well that's my little update on my life. My healthy choices are actually having a good effect on my blog, the more I exercise I feel like I get lots of energy and I put all that into my blog posts. I'm not posting 5 times a week and I'm loving it.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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