Monday, 29 February 2016

First time clubbing and drunk |

Hello lovelies.
Now some of you who follow me on twitter may have seen my drunken ramblings on Saturday night. Well I went out with Shannon and some of her friends, I didn't really want to of just because I only know one of her friends and the rest were strangers to me. After much persuasion at work I decide to actually go. Like I had nothing to wear and the idea of clubbing just wasn't really grabbing me.

So she picked me up after work and we went to hers for pre-drinks with her mate. Like I looked absolutely awful, but I actually attempted to make my make up look okay and I added a few more curls to my already hideous hair. I think she was a little surprised that I actually went but I think I knew I just wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone, turns out I think I've found a new zone. I had already had a cider before Shannon's, I had another one at hers and then had 2 shots of toffee apple sourz and a shot of rainbow ice sourz. In all fairness before we even left hers I was already a little bit tipsy.

I was more nervous to go just because I sort of knew I might end up drinking to much and I hadn't actually met any of her other friends. Any way the train journey was very funny and then we stopped in the pub, then off to the club. I mean at this point I was still like no I'll just go home but Shannon was like it will be fine and her friend was like look, you know me and Shannon so don't worry.  Anyway we made our way to the club and unfortunately Shannon had to queue with me, I felt bad but she insisted so thank you. Like when we got in there I felt really out of place, purely because I hadn't been in a club before and I met her other friend who was lovely but I think I just felt a bit awkward. My first drink of the night was a vodka and red bull which I actually really liked. Like it tasted a bit like calpol but apparently that's just what I like. I then had a few more of those, then a jäger bomb. That was an experience, like I didn't really like it but I think it helped me relax a little.

Anyway after a few more drinks Shannon's friends all arrived and while she went off for a few minutes I was left just sort of standing like the odd one out, luckily the guy I already knew introduced me to all her friends who were all absolutely lovely and then we all had another jäger bomb......and then later on a shot of tequila, like I liked it but I knew I was drunk. I know exactly what I did and what I said, luckily I didn't do anything to embarrassing but I do remember constantly telling Shannon how drunk I was. I mean I'm sure it was pretty evident but I guess because I hadn't ever been drunk I didn't really know what to do. Like Shannon was very good and acted like a stand in mummy and made sure I was okay, like everywhere she went she held my hand and took me with her. She is a very good friend and I mean she could have just left me drunk and on my own but she really took care of me. 

Her friend that I already knew, well he was a very fun drunk. Like I was completely drunk and so was he.....well we were all very drunk but he was just very funny whilst intoxicated. I think this could be the start of a nice little friendship.

Thankfully Shannon's boyfriend picked us up from the club and I think I was very chatty on the way home so I'm very sorry if I embarrassed you Shannon. I got in at like 3am and I couldn't sleep all night. I messaged the guy we went with and was like look I'm sorry if I said or did anything weird, he knew it was my first time drunk but said I was a natural. I had to be in work at 1pm the following day so I was dreading the hangover. In the morning he messaged me basically saying how hungover her was. I mean I feel like out of everyone we were basically like a baymax level of drunk. 

What I didn't expect is for me to be fine. Like I wasn't hungover, while Shannon was hungover at work I was absolutely fine. I'm not sure why though, like I got so drunk and I was expecting to be a mess on Sunday. To be fair my dad said he never used to have hangovers, he would sometimes get drunk but it just didn't give him a hangover. I was quite proud of myself and I sort of really want to go out again at some point. I mean even if its just on my own, like I know that's weird but as much as I'm not saying you should go out and get drunk, I'm saying that after a few drinks I felt like all the stress of the week just went away and it was so nice to just let my hair down and have fun. So thanks Shannon for letting me tag along and now you've finally seen me drunk.

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