Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Doughnuts |

Hello lovelies,
Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day to say the least. I cried to my mum at 8 in the morning and then cried to my aunt at like 11am. To make myself feel better and to make sure you lovely lot had a baking post, I decided to attempt doughnuts. I saw this recipe on Jim Chapman's channel and thought well if Jim can do it, why not me. Here's what they looked like, if you want to know how I made them then stick around.

Ingredients |
1 bottle of sunflower oil. 
1tsp salt.
250g strong white bread flour.
Caster sugar.
75ml water.
50ml melted butter.
2 eggs.
1 packet of fast action dried yeast.

Step 1 |
Measure out your strong white bread flour and put this in a large mixing bowl. 

Step 2 |
Add the dried yeast to the flour.

Step 3 |
Now add 1tsp of fine salt.

Step 4 |
Next add 75ml of water to the dry ingredients. Make a little well in the dry ingredients and then add your water.

Step 5 |
Add the 2 eggs and then using a mixer or a wooden spoon, mix this all until it combines into a dough.

Step 6 | 
Now that you have a dough almost formed, add the melted butter and continue to mix. keep on mixing until you have a ball of dough. Take the dough out and then knead for 5-10 minutes if your doing it by hand. Pop the dough back in the bowl and leave it to prove for an hour. After the first hour, take the dough out and split it into 8 balls and leave them to prove again for another hour. 

Step 7 |
Put your oil into a pan and then turn on the heat. Get a tray ready with kitchen roll on it to drain the excess oil from the doughnuts. Keep this away from the pan and make sure you have a damp towel to hand just in case it catches fire, yes that's my best advice and also maybe have 999 on speed dial. Any way, to test the heat of the oil put a piece of bread into it and if it sizzles then its ready to fry your doughnuts.

Step 8 | 
Pop your doughnut into the oil and then when you can see that the bottom is a golden brown, use a fork to flip it over and let it cook on the other side. When its done take it out using a large spoon, you know the one with little holes in. Neither do it but aim for something like that. Pop the doughnut on the kitchen roll and let the oil soak into it. Do this for all the doughnuts. When you are finished turn of the heat and do not touch the oil or the pan for a good few hours. I actually put the pan outside so it could cool. 

Step 9 |
Roll all of your doughnuts in caster sugar and then pop them onto a cooling rack.

Step 10 |
Fill your piping bags with your fillings, I did 4 jam and 4 Nutella. Make a small cut in each doughnut and insert the nozzle of the piping bag. Keep piping until you feel pressure on the bag and doughnut. 

Now all you have to do is sit back with a nice cup of tea and enjoy these mouthwatering doughnuts. Luckily I resisted the urge to eat them all. Here's what they looked like with the Nutella.

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