Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Baking essentials |

Hello lovelies,
No baking post this week because I wanted to take it back to basics and do a little post about what I feel are my baking essentials. This is going to be a mix between ingredients and equipment that I feel should be in every baking cupboard.

Flours |
I always make sure my baking cupboard is always stocked up with self raising flour, plain flour and bread flour. Even though I don't make bread that often I like to know that I have some ready for when I need it. I double up on the self raising because I mainly bake cupcakes so this is a must have for me.

Sugars |
I keep my cupboard full of caster sugar because this is the main one you will need to bake most cakes. I also keep a good supply of icing sugar and a pack of light and dark brown sugar handy for if I make a cake that needs either one of them.

Flavourings |
The main flavouring that I have is vanilla, I find that most recipes call for this and without it in the cakes, they do just taste a little bland. I also like to keep peppermint extract, lemon, orange and strawberry extract just in case I want to make a fruity butter cream to top my cakes.

Colourings |
I used to use the liquid food colourings but I switched to gel colourings after finally realising that it gives a much better concentrate of the colour and you don't need as much. I also think that these are much better because you don't get that weird taste that food colourings give.

Cases |
I tend to forget to buy cupcakes cases which is very annoying when it comes to baking and I have nothing to bake them in. I normally bulk buy the cases on amazon and they are really inexpensive and you can get some really pretty ones.

Spices |
Since I got a bit more experimental with my baking I've come to realise that spices can make a cake a thousand times better. I have a little spice rack that is topped up with cinnamon and nutmeg, I have a few more in there but these are ones that I get through a lot so I keep them stocked up.

Tins |
I have two 8inch cake pans and I've ordered to 10inch ones as well. I think its a good idea to have different sized tins so you can make tiered cakes. I also have some loaf tins for when I make a golden syrup cake or lemon drizzle. These are also what I use when I bake bread.

Measuring spoons |
Some people just use normal tea spoons and that's fine but baking is a science so you need to have the correct measuring spoons for your ingredients. You can get a set for hardly any money and using these will make sure you get the right amount go ingredient's even time.

Ice cream scoop |
This sounds like a very silly idea but using an cream scoop if the perfect way to ensure equal amounts of cake batter for each cupcake and to make sure each cake has the perfect amount of butter cream.

Piping bags and nozzles |
I always use disposable piping bags because its more hassle having to clean them. I got a set of 100 on eBay for about £3. I also got a set of 25 nozzles for £5 which is great because it gives me change to practice my piping designs.

Well I hope you liked that post. I thought it might be useful to any home bakers out there. If there is anything you think is also an essential then please let me known the comments.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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