Wednesday, 27 January 2016

S'mores rice krispie bars |

Hello lovelies,
Even though I'm being healthy I couldn't miss my baking post so I thought I would go for another no bake sweet treat this week. The idea of S'mores has always excited me a little and I thought I would try and make a s'mores rice kirspie bar. These are really simple to bake and are quite cheap to make as well. Obviously I haven't tried a s'more before (That rhymed) so I don't really know what to expect. Also here in the UK we don't have the same ingredients so think of this as an English version. So if you want to find out how to make these delicious bars then sit back with a nice cup of tea while I tell you all about it.

Ingredients |
185g Rice krispies.
300g marshmallows.
100g chocolate.
150g biscuits.
4tbsp butter.

Step 1 |
Chop your chocolate into chocolate chip sized pieces. You can use chocolate chips but I preferred this chocolate.

Step 2 |
Pop your butter into a large pan and gently heat. When the butter is all melted get your marshmallows ready.

Step 3 |
Add all your marshmallows to the large pan and gently heat. Use a silicon spatula to stir all the marshmallows until your have a gloriously gooey marshmallow cloud.

Step 4 |
Grab your bowl of rice krispies (No this wasn't my breakfast but I could probably eat this entire bowl...) and add your crushed biscuits. Use a spoon to mix it together so its all evenly distributed.

Step 5 |
Get your gooey marshmallow and pour it over the rice krispies. Use your spatula to mix everything together and also make sure you bring up all the rice krispies from the bottom, if not you'll be wasting precious bits of food.

Step 6 |
Get your chocolate chunks and add them to the marshmallow rice krispies. As you mix them together the chocolate melts slightly, meaning it becomes even more glorious in taste and appearance. 

Step 7 |
Use a tin with greaseproof paper in to put your marshmallows bars into. Press it all down with your spatula but to make sure it goes into every corner use your hand to press it down. Little tip for you, if you wet your hand slightly before doing this it will means your won't be covered in rice krispies but if  you're looking to become a marshmallow treat then you don't need to wet your hand.

Step 8 |
When they were cooled I cut them into 12 and then used my blow torch to toast the top of the bars. I wanted to go for a s'mores feel and I wanted to try and toast the marshmallow slightly. I then melted some chocolate I found and drizzled it over the top.

Well I hope you liked that little recipe. If you attempt it then please send me pictures on instagram or twitter. Also let me know in the comments what you think of them.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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