Sunday, 10 January 2016

Shopping haul | Overdue

Hello lovelies,
Ive had this post planned for about a month now but I've just been really lazy and not uploaded it. So everything in this haul ahas been purchased over the last month or so. If I can remember the prices then ill let you know. Also I'll let you know where I got each product from. 

Beauty and the beast top |
I stalk the disneyfind instagram account so I can find all the latest Disney products. I saw this top on there and I was obsessed with it. You all know my love for beauty and the beast, so naturally I had to rush to primark and get it. This top was £7 which I thought was so a great price for a Disney top. I especially love it because it has Mrs. Potts and chip on it. Also this is a Disney song that I've always adored.

2in1 Jumpers |
Lately I've had a bit of a thing about jumpers. I find them very sexy on men and I think they just look really cute on women. I needed to get these jumpers when I saw them because they had collars. I do love a collar and these just screamed "BUY ME!!!". They were from primark and were £14 each. I go this lovely baby pink one and the grey one. I know know why but I saw someone in a grey jumper like this and was like oh my, I need that jumper in my life. Still bugs me that I can't remember who it was....Oh well.

Cupcake Jemma book |
You all know my fondness for all things cake and baking. Ive had my eye on this book for months but I never get it because there's always somethings else that distracts me. I got this book from amazon for £5 and its amazing. Its full of incredible recipes and is really god to flick through when getting inspiration for new bakes.

Great British bake off cake slice |
In tesco they had this lovely cake slice which was in a sale for £4. I love anything Bake off and I thought it would be the perfect addition to my cake stand. To be fair I don't know if I need this. You all know my little theory that if a knife doest touch the cake then its just one big slice. Either way I'm happy that I have this for a time when I need to serve people little wedges of my cake.

Disney bags |
Here in the UK we now have to pay 5p for carrier bags in shops. I don't know if that something that happens in your country but now I'm all about getting cute little bags to carry around with me ready. They had these bags in primark and I just fell in love. I'm much more in love with the jasmine bag because she's my favourite princess. I got really excited about these, I mean I showed most people not that they were that interested but I was thrilled.  I think they were £2 each but I'm not really sure.

Minnie and Mickey vans |
I'm really tight with my money so when I first say these I was adamant that I wasn't going to get them. For me £54 for a pair of shoes was just ridiculous, however in the boxing day sales they went down in the half price sale. I got myself this lovely pair of Minnie mouse vans. Now I'm not cruel and I couldn't break up an icon couple so a few hours later the mickey mouse vans were in my basket ready to be paid for. I love both pairs and I'm so happy that I finally got them. They are the perfect addition to any Disney addicts wardrobe.

Rosie's pantry measuring cups |
I saw these in the boots half price sale and decided that I needed these in my baking cupboard. These will look perfect in the dream home and I love them so much. I enjoy baking more when I've got cure baking utensils so I've enjoyed using these. They were £5 in the sale which I thought was a bargain.

After you and according to yes |
These are two books that I've wanted for months and I'm so glad I finally got myself them. Ive started reading according to yes and I can tell you know, its a very very good book. I got them form amazon and when I got them they were £9 each. Click on the title of each book for the page. After you. according to yes.

The best is yet to come necklace |
I got this from DollyBowBow. It was £8 I think and I love it so much. I also love it because its rose gold and that's my favourite colour for jewellery.

Well I hope you liked that long overdue haul. Im so happy that I finally got round to posting it.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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