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My ideal man |

Hello lovelies,
So I thought it would fun to share with you what my ideal man is. It probably won't interest you but I feel like I have quite an odd taste in men, even thought when I see a cute guy I will voice those thoughts to the people around me.....well I have an ideal man but its not actually about looks. I like someone at the minute, like its just a little crush and that's all. I'm clearly not his type because I'm overweight, I'm not pretty and why would someone choose me when there's thousands of girls out there who are far better. But that's fine but its nice to have my mind distracted by someone new while I try and get over someone. I mean my friends trying to guess but what she doesn't know is she's already guessed right, I've just not let onto it. Now she's clearly reading this so maybe she'll think of all the names she's asked and then put two and two together haha. Now if you do work it out don't say a word and also its just a little crush, nothing obsessive or anything. I'm not sure why but for some reason he's sort of grown on me as a person. Like I didn't think much of him when I met him but now well lets just say in a strange reality if I could date him and he actually liked me....Yeah I would.

Update on this my friend actually sort of guessed last night before the post went up. Yeah so I'm now really embarrassed but I feel a bit better because someone knows.

Something people might find odd about me is that even though I say guys are cute, I don't properly start to find them attractive until I know them. Of course its nice to see a cute guy but I fall for personality over looks. I have a pretty obvious tell when I like a guy but for some reason people at work haven't worked it out. If I like a guy then I feel really comfortable around them. I don't care what I look like and I don't care what I say.

People keep telling me that a man won't make you happy, only you can do that. I get that and I know there right but I remember how I felt when I met "the guy" (We all know who I'm talking about) and I felt amazing. Yes I never dated him but I could chat to him, I didn't care what I looked like because he always said I looked nice, I could joke with him and I got to see his personality. I like liking people because for a small moment in my life, I feel happy and special. Even if they don't like me I still feel more confident and I feel good about myself. Also if I like a guy you'll find I chat about him an awful lot. I don't mean to I found that that's what happened last time when I like that guy. I was non stop chatting about him.....and with that sentence someone is clearly going to work it out and that's just a tad awkward.....Just do not mention it at work. Like honestly I think I would just quit if that information got out haha.

Anyway this is what I look for in a guy, god knows the guys I've loved and like don't exactly match the specifications but they come close to it.

Personality  |
For me personality is key. I don't care if your the best looking guy on the planet, if you've got a horrible personalty then you're not for me. I love finding out little things about people, I like to see who they really are. I want to know what shows you like, what music you like, what you dreams are. It sounds stupid but I love personality more than anything else.

Devon |
This is very odd one but it's sort of important to me. I would love to meet a guy who loves Devon as much as I do. When I little I went there every single year with my family, we had the most amazing holidays there are they are some of my best memories. It's like my home away from home and I would love to meet someone who I could make new memories with in the place that I adore. Also my dream home is in Devon, overlooking the sea and burgh island.

Conversation |
I find it so hard to talk to men. I just get really nervous around them for some reason. Saying that if I'm really chatty with a guy then there's a slight chance I like him. I love being able to chat to a guy because if I talk to men then its because I feel comfortable around them and I feel like I can be myself. Also if I can be me around them then that's how you know I like them because I don't show the proper me until I am really comfortable around you. You don't get to see the craziness and weirdness from me until I feel comfortable.

Eyes |
I'm not picky but I adore brown eyes. They are just gorgeous, its like looking into a pot of silky chocolate ganache....heavenly. I can get lost in someones eyes because I just think they are gorgeous. I have been caught starting at someones eyes before which was a little awkward but I played it cool and pretended I was daydreaming....they didn't need to know it was about them.

Looks |
No looks for me looks aren't a big thing. I don't care what they look like because its not important. I don't care if you're tall, short, thin, round or even blue. If you have a lovely personality and are genuinely a nice guy then chances are I'll like you. Saying that there is a guy at work who has really cute hair. Like its odd hair the way it falls but I just find it really cute and it adds to his personality a bit.

Music |
I love a guy who's into music and instruments. I find a guy that can plan an instrument a little bit sexy, like if its guitar or drums....not the flute or the triangle. I also think they would have to be able to handle my awful voice, even if they hate it I feel they need to just printed they haven't heard me. I like to sing so maybe if he sung as well we could do really cute duets and videos like tom and Giovanna but we would sound awful.

Doctor who |
This is sort of a big thing for me. Not many people like doctor who but for me its like a way of life. Its more than a show about time travel, its got some beautiful story lines and is actually quite helpful. It sounds silly but I think a whovian would understand where I'm coming from. I would like it if they liked doctor who just because if I got into a serious relationship with them then 12 Saturday's a year would have to be devoted to doctor who and it would be nice to share that.

Disney |
This isn't a massive deal but ideally a guy who likes Disney. I love Disney with all my heart and I can't imagine my life without it. I feel like even if they didn't like it then they would need to understand my love for it and still take me to Disney world.

Life goals |
I know that the first guy I finally date won't be forever because they'll probably get bored of me, however it would be nice if they wanted the same things as me. For me I've always wanted to have children and the idea of becoming a mum someday fills me with so much happiness. I think they would need to want that somewhere in the future.

Humour |
I adored funny people and I love guys that can make me laugh. I also love guys who laugh at my jokes, I have an odd sense of humour but I find it cute when I guy laughs at my jokes. I like people who can make me laugh because if your not funny then I just find it odd because I like to surround myself with funny people. My whole life is basically planning funny jokes and puns, I love it and especially when a guy knows what makes me laugh.

Cuddles |
I'm quite a needy person and I love cuddles. They're like a warm blanket made out of another person and I love a nice hug. Like no one really hugs me much but I like to be cuddled. I think the ideal man would need to like cuddles just because we could have film days and just cuddle all day. I know that sounds weird but I'm strange like that. Like I would love it if anyone came up to me and just hugged me. I don't care who they are, family, friend or even possible a certain guy but I just love having a cuddle. Its like all your sadness goes away because a hug just feels really nice.

So if your a single guy who lives in the UK you could be exactly what I'm looking for. I would love to meet someone who just fills my days with happiness, someone who I count down the days until I see them. Someone who loves me for the quirky person I am and who can handle my obsession with certain things.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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