Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lush valentine's day |

Hello lovelies,
I'm very excited to share this post with you today. We all know that I'm a tad addicted to lush that's why I felt it was only right to show you what is in the valentines day collection this year. Of course I didn't want to get these products but I had to show you whats in the range. Okay so that was a bit of a lie, I just wanted some new bath products. Anyway, sit back and relax, grab a cup of tea or something scrumptious and enjoy this little lush haul. I'm sorry if the photos aren't a great quality but I didn't have the best light to work with. Also I didn't have a cute background so I used my cake stand.....I like the backdrop and this might be used again for my lush hauls. Obviously I will need to eat whatever scrumptious cake is on it first. The things I do for my blog. As always if you like any of the products I will link the pages in the photos. 

Oh and just pointing out that I have a cold coming so my sense of smell isn't the best at the minute. I am doing my best to give you a good review of each product but it might be different if you get the product. Going on holiday around other people is never good because I get ill. 

Unicorn horn |
I am very lucky that my friend got me two of the range, I didn't even know it had been released and getting these little beauties really made my day much better. So lush had the unicorn horn in the valentines range last year but I think they've made them slightly bigger this time. I've seen a lot of tweets saying the unicorn horns have gotten smaller, to me they are much bigger than last year and are even better. This has a gorgeous lavender scent and it turns the bath a beautiful pastel pink. I don't use the whole bubble bar, I normally get around 3-4 baths out of this product so it works out good price wise. This is £4.25 which is a little pricey but if you go in store then you can pick the biggest one.

Roses all the way |
This is a new soap that's in the collection. I really love the design, its pinky red, a heart and looks like a rose. You all know that I'm not the biggest fan of soaps from lush but I'm willing to give this one a go. To me the scent isn't all that. Its got a classic soap smell, that might not make any sense but it smells just like a generic soap. Its got rose oil in it and its also made with coconut oil. I'm hoping that will be a bit softer on the skin and hopefully won't leave my skin feeling really dry. I find that lush soaps really dry my skin out, that why I don't normally get them. This is £4.25.

Lover lamp |
This is the other lovely bath bomb my friend got me. I think this is so pretty because it's got a really simple design. Now I know I say this an awful lot but this smells a lot like a Terry's chocolate orange. It's just like a lighter fragrance and it is heavenly. I haven't used this one yet in the bath but I already know its going to do wonders for my skin. It's got cocoa butter in it which always makes my skin feel really hydrated. This is only £3.95 and I think I need to get a few more of these, it's clearly going to be a new favourite of mine.

Prince charming |
I'm a sucker for a fairytale and I've wanted to try this shower gel for ages. I love the name because what girl doesn't want prince charming. I love the colour of this because its hot pink, it looks a bit like acrylic paint but I'm sure it will wash off. If not I'll be going round looking like the pink panther. It's smells a lot like a chocolaty pomegranate. Very odd way to describe it but it's really nice. It also smells a lot like a sweet I've had before. I can't for the life of me name the sweet but it's lovely anyway. This is £4.95 for 100g which I think it a lot to pay but I wanted to try it to let you all know what I think of it.

The kiss |
I have only ever used one lip scrub from lush and that's the bubblegum one. I wanted to try this one because it has little heart in it. Yes that's childish but I just like pretty things. This smells a lot like love hearts and something else. It's really nice and sweet, I prefer this to the bubblegum scrub. This is also made using almond extract so that makes me love it even more. This is £5.50 for the little pot.

Well I hope you liked that little haul. Lush didn't have a lot in the range again this year which is disappointing because they used to do so many amazing products for valentines day. Its safe to say no man will be surprising me with a box full of lush goodies on February 14th but that doesn't mean I can't treat myself. Lush also had some gift sets which are really cute but I just wanted to get the range without all the fancy packaging.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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