Friday, 15 January 2016

Goodbye David Bowie | Good bye Alan Rickman

Hello lovelies,
I know you're all expecting a lush review today so that will be posted tomorrow instead. I'm sure all of you have heard that this week the world lost two amazing talents. I didn't want to let that go by like it means nothing. I want to chat a little bit about it and why it upset me.

Now on Monday we found out that David Bowie, one of England's best musicians tragically passed away from cancer. He kept it from the media which I love, that sounds strange but he clearly knew that he wanted his final months to be about him and his family. Now I'm not going to sit here and lie by saying I was a massive fan. I liked his music and I remember watching him in Labyrinth when I was younger. What makes me more sad is that he's the man my mum used to fancy and she tells me still about how cool she thought he was, my mum grew up around his music and I'm sad for her. 

He's one of the people you don't really expect to die. I know everyone dies but I suppose because his career has lasted so long, he's just sort of become a British icon that I suppose I thought would be around forever. I know that's silly but It really shocked me. More of that fact that no one knew anything was wrong, he just released an album and that was like his goodbye to the world of music. His music will live on and people will continue to love him for the amazing musician he was. 

My favourite David Bowie song was Hero's. I know there's probably much better ones but I love the lyrics and it always makes me smile whenever I hear it.

The second man we lost this week was the amazing Alan Rickman. Now I found out that he had died before a game of bowling. I just sat there and cried. I was so shocked that one of my favourite actors had died. I know that he played amazing characters in so many films but for me, he will always be Severus Snape from Harry Potter. Some people view Snape as a villain where as I related so well to him. Everything snape did was out of love for lily. He loved and cared for her even though he knew she would never return that love. Alan Rickman brought life to my favourite character and I'm so happy that he was the man to portray him. 

I left my mum to go swimming while I wandered through the forest listening to the Harry Potter theme tune. Its odd but I needed time by myself to process it. I don't know why its effected me so much but I think its because this week I've been so caught up in my own problems. My little issues mean nothing, two families have lost people they love who meant the world to thousand's of people. This has put my life in perspective. I need to live every moment because we don't know whats going to happen.

Now I'm sure all harry potter fans will join me in raising a wand the wonderful Alan Rickman. The man with a very sexy voice, incredible talent and a man who will be missed by so many people.

I dont want any comments on this post. I appreciate them but I'm not posting this for any views. Im doing it because I needed to just talk about what happened because its made me think a lot. Its also to remember two incredible men who will live on in peoples memories. Both Alan and Daivd tragically died of cancer. If you are going to do anything with this post then please go and donate to cancer research. One day they could find a cure and I hope that its soon. If you can donate then please click on the image and it will take you to the donation page. Ive donated and even if you cant then please share their page.

Lots of love, 
Chloe xxx

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