Monday, 18 January 2016

Center parcs | Elveden forest

Hello lovelies,
Most of you will know that last week I got to escape to the forest for a few days. I wanted to write up this post to chat about my holiday and to show my friend Shannon just how amazing it is. I've been nattering on at work about this for months. So if you're reading this then show your mum the pictures, I mean don't tell its my blog. That would just be very awkward.

So we set off on Monday morning. My dad took us up there which was fine but that meant I couldn't have Adele playing the whole journey. Thankfully I had a series of tattoo fixers downloaded on my iPad. Now when we got there I felt like a little girl again. I was so excited to be back at the place that filled me with so much happiness as a hopes for the holiday were swiftly taken away about 15 minutes later. I saw someone which was very awkward, I mean Shannon you know who it was so I won't go into the details. Any way I thought I would get some snaps of the main area at center parcs that has all the shops and restaurants. 

I wanted to go swimming this week and even though I was feeling awful I still made the effort to go in. I mean I was really stressed when I went in the pool, you all say my blog post about a week ago but basically mother nature decided that she was tagging along on the holiday as well. Its all good though, to be fair she isn't the one who ruined the holiday. Any way I did go in the pool and I enjoyed myself but I kept on really panicking about things.....were all girls here. We know what I'm talking about. Any way I managed to get a few pictures of the pool. Excuse the random people in the picture.  The guys were pretty hot but I don't know them, they just got in the way of the picture. Just to let you know, the pool is very deep. It doest look it but half way in and its at my eye height. There's a drop slide, tropical cyclone, two tunnel slides and the rapids. There also a cute salt water pool in a cave.

We went out for dinner on Monday and it was spectacular. Our waitress was so lovely, her name was Alice and she worked in Huck's diner. Like no one from center parcs will read this but in some weird chance you do, please give her recognition. I work in a sort of similar job and I know how stressful it can be. She made our night really fun and she was by far the best you had working that night.

I went on several forest walks by myself. My mum wasn't happy about that but I am what they call an adult. Anyway I loved walking through the first. The trees towered over me and I felt so chilled out. I had my earphones in listening to somewhere only we know by Keane. Fun little fact about me, Somewhere only we know has been my all time favourite song since I was about 7. My dad plays the guitar and he had the chords and asked me to sing it. Its one of my most special memory's with my dad. He doesn't even remember it but from that day its been my favourite and nothing has ever beaten it. Here's some pictures of the forest and the lake for you.

While I was in the forest I also came across my fair share of animals. Or as I liked to call myself, queen of the squirrels. I was all ready for leaving my job and staying in the forest to live and reign over my squirrel friends. Alas that didn't happen as one bit me and well lets just say this queen abdicated her throne. The squirrels were actually eating out of my hand. I have videos but I don't really want to upload them to my youtube channel because I don't want to be known as the weird squirrel lady. I mainly wanted to see animals because I had some really good puns for them.

I should probably show you where I stayed. It looks a mess because I forgot to take pictures when we arrived, it was a lovely little place but I had my mind on other things. Anyway heres what it looked like, this is the shall we say lived in look.

We also went to the pancake house, had some drinks and I played snooker. I hit the ball off the table and almost hit baby with the ball....I wasn't aiming for it before you ask. Here are some little snaps of the rest of my holiday. My mum thinks I didn't have a good time, I had a great time but my mind was somewhere else. Luckily in the same week I got the best advice that I could have received and I feel like a new person. A week hidden in the forest was just what I needed to reflect on the past year and to put some plans into action.

Oh and one last picture. Shannon, you know the teeny tiny trolleys I told you about. You may have zoned out for that part of the conversation but here they are.  Like how cute are these. You all know how I like tiny objects that make me feel like a giant, well the urge to push this around was very strong. Luckily I kept my adult-ness about me and used a basket. I know, I'm proud of myself as well but thank you. I also did a little drawing on the chalk board. I did the same last year but I think I improved it this year. My little cousin loves frozen so I did this little picture for her, its not great but she's only little so anything amuses her....also I do like the film as well so I needed to let my Disney geek loose.

On my last day it started snowing. I was so happy and it reminded me of the time was there when I was little. Watching the snow fall was so special and I just sat outside and let it cover me with a little blanket of sparkling snow flakes. 

Well thats center parcs Eleven forest for you. I hope you all enjoy that post. I would really recommend this place for escaping life for a few days. I didn't think I needed time away but it turns out that I needed it more than you will ever know. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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