Monday, 25 January 2016

Bomb cosmetics haul |

Hello lovelies,
Now today I've got a nice little haul from bomb cosmetics. Can we still say that. I mean I don't know if its now socially acceptable to say the word *Hushed voice* bomb. Anyway for once all these bath goodies aren't for me. Its my mum and dads anniversary next month so I've got my mum lots of bath products. I would have got lush but you get great products at half the price with bomb cosmetics, I thought my mum would like a lot so that's why I went with them. If you like any of the products then click on the image and it will take you to the website.

Lemon la Vida Loca |
My mum loves anything lemony so I thought this would be the perfect bath bomb for her. It smells absolutely incredible and I'm actually a little jealous because I want it now. This was £2.29.

Lavender Musk Blaster |
This is so cute and its got a lovely scent of lavender. Luckily its not to strong but I really love this product because I find lavender so relaxing. I just hope my mum likes it as much as I do. This was £2.29

Bomb-Gamin Button |
I thought my mum would love this one because its got really cute little buttons on it. I mean I find this adorable and I really wish I had got myself one. This was £2.29.

Chocolate kisses |
This is a very pretty bath bomb and it had chocolate in the name. Me and my family are chocoholics so I feel like this is perfect for my mum. This was £2.29.

Supermum |
Whats better than a pretty pink bath? I thought this was really cute and its says mum on it in glitter, so I couldn't not get here this one. This has got lavender and rosemary oil in it. This was £2.29. 

Fantasy island |
This bliss-filled tropical bath bomb looks incredible and it smells amazing. This is the perfect product to use to de stress. I sort of want this one for myself. This was £2.29.

Goodnight honey |
This has such a lovely scent, its just like honey so your bath will smell incredible. I might have to get myself one of these to see what its like. This was £2.29.

The high life |
To me this one smells like strawberries and its just heavenly. I know this will turn that bath a gorgeous shade of pink and just smell amazing. This was £2.29.

Appleberry Butter Burst Bath Blaster |
I loved the colours on this bath bomb. It also contains cocoa butter so it will be really mousturising for the skin. This was £2.29.

Sweetie pie |
This was just to cute not to add to my basket. The colours are really pretty and it looks so good. I think my mum will love this one and I'm tempted to get one for myself. This was £2.29.

Lemon express mallow |
For an lemon lovers this will be the perfect bath product. This smells like a lemon meringue pie and I was slightly tempted to keep this one for myself. This was £2.24.

Diamond and pearls creamer |
This was filled with glitter and sparkle so this was definitely being added to my basket. Its also small so its good for days when you don't want a massive bath bomb. It smells lovely and just looks really cute. This was £2.09.

Lady marmalade |
My mum loves marmalade so I thought this would be the perfect bath product for her. Its smells so good and again I was really tempted to keep it for myself. This was £2.09.

Well I hope you liked that little haul. I couldn't go into that much detail about the products because they are a gift for my mum. If I try any of these then I'll review them all on here.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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