Thursday, 21 January 2016

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Hello lovelies,
I just want to write a little post today to chat you about blogging. Lately I've felt really inspired to write. You all know I love my blog but sometimes I can be really lazy with my posts and I find that I lack the motivation to write. Recently though I've found myself writing everyday and being really excited to get things done.

Procrastinating is one of my strong skills. I'll normally go and sit at my desk, switch on my mac, open blogger and then get distracted by Facebook stalking the cute guy from work. I enjoy it, of course I do but this week I've noticed that I've spent less time on the cute guys profile and more time actually writing. I also joined netflix this week and I thought that would pull me away from my blog. I've found that I've been writing for 5 hours solid each day and then treating myself to an episode or two of orange is the new black.

I'm really not sure why I've found this little passion for writing again but I just can't really stop myself now. That could all change now that I'm back at work but I've realised that my main focus now is my blog. Yes my job is important because it supports me blogging but its not what I want to do. Writing is the one thing I never thought I would love. I've had a lot of crazy dreams over the years but I never saw my life going in the writing direction.

I think its because I've started taking more pride in my blog pictures. I never used to enjoy editing pictures and making cute little images to post on my blog, recently though I've been loving it. They might not look like much but having something I'm proud of to represent a blog post really makes me enjoy writing the post.

Exercise. This is an odd one but since I stared being a bit healthier and exercising a hell of a lot more, I feel like I've wanted to improve all aspects of my life. Its had such a good impact on my blogging because I'm always inspired to write and to create good blog posts. Granted I've only been doing this for four days but I feel so much better for it. I never stick to diets but I think now I'm just ready for the change.

Inspiration. Someone I know once told me that my dream isn't stupid. I could achieve anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it. I just had to believe that I could. I wrote a blog post about how I was letting go of that person but what they said will always stay with me. He had the drive to do what he loved and he was successful with it and he believed that I could be to. I think having an inspiration behind your writing is important, for me what he said inspires me because it gives me that boost to put my all into my blog. I think he knew that people constantly telling you that you cant do something is horrible. He's made me want to actually try and achieve my dreams and is probably the reason I'm still writing now. So thank you, I'm still doing what I love because of you.

Well I don't really know what that post was really. I guess I just wanted to explain why I've been blogging most days and to just let you know whats been going on. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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