Monday, 4 January 2016

Blog changes | An exciting year

Hello lovelies,
I wanted to take today as an opportunity to keep you up to date with what I've been thinking lately. We all know that some/most of my blog posts haven't been the best over the last few months. Ive decided that I'm scaling back my posts to 3 times a week.

This doesn't mean I'm putting less time into may posts, it actually means that I'm putting more time into them. I'm getting rid of the film review Fridays because Its not something I'm passionate about and I don't put any effort into the blog posts for that. I don't think its fair to be making content for you that I wouldn't want to read myself. Below I've put my new blogging schedule and what you can expect most weeks from me.

Monday |
General chit chat posts and serious posts. I'm not going to have a theme for Mondays because I want to be able to post anything I want without it having to fall into a specific category, so basically mom day is for lifestyle posts.

Wednesday |
I'm keeping this as my baking post day. I have been loving sharing my recipes each week and it keeps me baking, I love it because I am very passionate about baking and creating new recipes.

Friday |
Lush! It had to be lush because you all know how much I love the brand and I want to share my honest opinions of the products with you, in hope that you will go out and try them yourselves.

I hope you all understand why I've cut my blogs to just 3 a week. With work and blogging its getting very stressful for me, I don't have a high pressure job but sometimes I get so stressed that blogging is the last thing on my mind. I'm also switching back to automatic driving lessons and I'm determined to pass by July. I hate my lessons but the sooner I do it, the quicker its over. If I get more time and more organised then at some point I might add another blog post in a week.

Anyway onto my actual blog post. 2016 is set to be the best year of my life, there's so many things that I'm doing that I'm just so excited for. I thought I would share some of my plans with you because I will no doubt be blogging about each and every one of these things.

Center parcs |
Next week I'm off for a peaceful week at centre parcs. I've been looking forward to this for so long and I can't wait to leave everything behind and just relax for a week. Ill be taking a few books, my iPad and other bits to keep me entertained. That does mean that I will be scheduling my blog posts for next week but ill still be around on twitter and instragram to catch up with every ones blogs.

Adele |
Yes that's right, I'm off to see Adele and this is something that I've wanted to do since I heard 19. I know that I'm incredibly lucky to go and see her, I mean I can't thank my friend at work enough for getting us tickets. I know that the night will just consist of me in floods of tears whilst singing terribly to her songs. I just can't wait to see her live because her music has been my escape for so many years. I will be doing a blog post about the concert because its something that I want to document for myself as well as you.

Busted |
In May I'm off to see Busted, the boy band that I grew up listening to. I'm really excited to go and see them and I cant wait to start singing along to all the classics like year 3000 and crashed the wedding.

Birthday |
I'm 19 this year which makes me feel very old. I don't really have anything planned for it but I'm looking forward to being another year older and not any wiser.

Christmas |
Yes I know we've only just had Christmas but I'm very excited for next year and I'm determined to plan my blogmas so its not as awful as it was in 2015.

I hope you liked that little post. Im back on Wednesday with my baking post and I'm very excited to share this recipe with you.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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