Thursday, 28 January 2016

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Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to chat to you about anonymous blogging and why I do it. For me blogging is something that I adore. I love being able to write how I'm feeling, what I'm loving and all kinds of things. For me it wasn't an issue of me being embarrassed about my blog. I was scared.

I have had this blog for nearly two years now and not one person in my family knows about it. That is pretty good considering they are all extremely nosey. Up until this year only one person knew about it, they didn't know them name but they knew I had a blog and they also knew how passionate I was about it. That all changed this year when my friend text me to say she found it. At first I was shocked, then I cried and then I went to delete my blog.

Yes I almost deleted my blog because my friend found it but then I took a moment and thought, why? Why am I about to delete the one thing that fills me with so much happiness. Luckily for me she's promised to keep my little secret and not say anything about it, honestly she's keeping a lot of secrets for me lately so thanks. Like you probably didn't want to know any of them but look where we are now haha. In a way I'm happy she found it because its the one thing I kept from, I tell her nearly everything but this was the one thing I kept and I felt bad about it.

My life would be so much easier if I just told everyone about my blog because then I wouldn't have to hide things. At the minute I have a blog planner which I hide in my wardrobe under my small size clothes. I have my blog 365 book that is hidden in my make up box. I know my life would be a lot simpler if I just told my parents but for now I'm keeping it hidden.

I want to keep it hidden because I have no privacy in my house, like none. I love that online I'm in charge. No ones there to tell me not to do this or that and I can choose what I publish. I also love that my parents would never suspect me to have a blog. They don't really think I'm that wordy and would sit and commit to writing a blog. I also love the fact that they have no control over it. They can tell me what to do in my own life and have a say in that because I live at home, that's fair. Its their house their rules but online I'm free to be the person I am. I can be weird, silly, emotional and anything else I want because its mine.

If I told them then at least they would understand what I actually do with my free time. At the minute they just think I sit in my room glued to computer on Facebook or texting people. That couldn't be further from the truth. The minute I get in from work I get ready for bed, turn on my computer and write for 4-5 hours straight. My mum thinks I watch the weather to see what its like if I have to walk to work.....I don't. I watch the weather to see if its going to be sunny, if it is then I know that daylight is going to be best for my photos on certain days. I have to plan my baking around my baking day on my blog. I have to fill out my blog planner and so much more.

For now anonymous blogging works. Its not for everyone but I managed to do everything on my blog without showing my face or telling everyone. Also because its anonymous at this point I can't talk about anything. I can talk about my weight, I can chat about the cute guy in work who wears jumpers (Yeah jumpers, he sort of makes them look a bit sexy....) and I have creative control. Also I love the fact that I have the chance to connect with so many amazing bloggers.

Well I hope that post was sort of interesting. Are you an anonymous blogger? Let me know in the comments and why you keep it anonymous.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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