Friday, 8 January 2016

A very stressful week |

Hello lovelies,
I honestly thought that this week my blog was going to suffer. I have been having a really stressful week and I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able write any decent posts. So why's it been stressful you ask.....well just sit back, relax and I'll tell you the story. Also while writing my blog posts today I'm in full gaga mode. Like I'm on a little lady gaga hype today so all my blog posts are being typed to very catchy beats....Got to love a bit of poker face and Alejandro. I don't actually think I've ever told you that but I'm a massive lady gaga fan. Some people may find that weird but I'm not ashamed to say I'm a little monster......well that might be strange for any possible boyfriends. I mean you find me a guy who loves Lady Gaga and we may need to have a little chat. 

So this week I had Monday and Tuesday off work. I love it when my manager does the rota so that one week I have Sunday off and the next I have Monday and Tuesday. It's like a teeny tiny holiday for me. That's not how it actually felt. On Monday I woke up knowing I had a driving lesson. My lesson was at 9:30am but I woke up at 5am because I was so stressed. The whole idea of driving just got to me and I just didn't want to do out for my lesson. You all know that struggle I've been having with this. I'm an okay driver but the gears in a manual really stress me out, so after spending a good hour crying all alone in my room.....I text my instructor to stop my lessons. Before anyone asks, I’ve re booked them all but in an automatic. I don't normally let stress get to me like that but lately it feels like lots of anxiety has just been attacking all at once. 

Monday went okay from that point and then at about 4pm I got a message. The lovely girl from work had found my blog and I can't tell you how scared I was. My heart stopped for a minute, my face went the most awful shade of red and I felt sick. It was a message that I've been dreading for nearly 2 years and I just went in to panic mode. I could have played dumb but apparently subtly isn't my strong suit. Basically my reply was "What?" "Xxx" "*Girls name? Xxx". Now in hindsight that may have given my game away. I don't care that she knows now but at that specific moment in time I felt my whole world crumble. I was so scared that everything I had done on my blog would be gone in a second. Luckily she is the most lovely person on the planet and she was like I respect your privacy and I won't tell any one. At that point I calmed down and managed to just deal with the fact that she knew. Oh and if you're reading this, Hello. Hope you're felling better today also why are you reading my blog....Its pretty crap.

Tuesday I made rocky road and it was an all round good day. I wrote a few blog posts, read some more of my book and just felt okay with the world. I also managed to a post for Valentines Day. I know it’s a long way off but its ready and scheduled so I can just go past the day without thinking about it. I’m happy with the post and it’s helped me a lot to write it all down.

Well Wednesday was bloody stressful. I was supposed to be starting work at 12 which mean I had to see someone who shall not be named....yes she's almost as bad as lord voldemort. Well I actually would rather do a shift with him, which is saying something. I was then told that my work friend was at home sick.....That had already put me in a slightly shi**y mood because I was a bit like "Oh, well I can't share any puns today" I like to think I'm really punny (Get it? Nope okay then). I was then stressing because that meant there was only one person on the close down shift and I was worried about that because I know I would want to do that on my own. Long story short I was asked to work 4-8 instead. Now I was happy with this.....I didn't have to see voldemort at all but the night just got even more stressful. Now I do a lot of close downs at work but when there's only two people both under 20 I felt like I had to be the adult that took charge a little. We didn't have a waste sheet to fill in, a coffee machine was broken, the place looked like a tip and I felt like sh*t. 

From Saturday onwards I've been getting period pains, which was just my luck. I'm going on a swimming holiday next week so I knew my body would play this cruel trick on me. On Saturday it wasn't bad, like I was in pain but it was bearable. Monday and Tuesday it was okay but on Wednesday it hit me like a brick. I didn't want to seem like weak women so every time the guy I was working with left to do something I was almost on the floor crippled in pain. But I battled on and just smiled through the pain, which was helped by being shown the fit guys that work on tills. I could sit and stare at them all day but unfortunately I'm paid to work, not look at gorgeous men on tills 15 and 17.  Anyway we left 30minutes early because we just had nothing to do, I was then so worried that id forgot to turn every thing off which meant a sleepless night for me.

Another late shift for me, which was like hell. Luckily I was working with one of my favorite ladies so it was okay, she got me through the shift and with the help of a very attractive man form another department, I just about managed to keep going. Customers were really rude, the place looked awful and I ended up shouting at the dishwasher because it was leaking, which meant I was paddling round the floor. Also my period pains had got so much worse to the point that I was almost in tears. I would have called in sick but I already had to have time off with my foot a few months ago so I had to smile through the pain. Although one thing that did get me through the pain was giggling at my texts on my break....There's nothing like a funny sex joke to get you smiling. Also along those lines I was sent a hilarious picture (Nothing rude like that) but lets just say its well and truly ruined Adele for me.

Well that's today and I feel so rough. I could have spent the day lying in my bed in tears but instead I'm up and ready. I'm writing lots of blog posts while basically sitting in a fort of hot water bottles and painkillers. The thing that annoys me is that I still haven't come on (Sorry boys for that bit of personal information) which is so annoying because I know I probably will on Monday. The day I go on holiday where there’s a massive swimming pool. Any way today I'm planning on writing blog posts, watching tattoo fixers and then maybe so mighty bosh episodes. 

I'm currently witting my lush review so that will be with you today. Also I'm thinking of bring film review Friday's back. I know I said id stop them but I watched wreck it Ralph the other day and now I really want to review it. There’s a big chance my blog schedule will be changing back next week. Sorry for any confusion.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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