Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas day 6 | Wrapping ideas*

Hello lovelies,
Just a short post today about the wrapping ideas I've had for presents. I really love the brown paper wrapping idea, I think it so simple an looks really rustic. Ive been online and found all the bits and bobs that I think make a present looks perfect. This post is linked with the Amazon affiliate sites so if you don't like ads on blogs then don't click the images, they will take you to the amazon page where if you buy, a small (Teeny) amount goes to me, blah blah blah. Any lets get going.

Obviously if your going to do the brown paper style wrapping then you'll be needed brown paper, I found a 10metre roll for £3.03 which I think is a good price, I can never normally find brown paper in shops and if I do its just in sheets. I like to have a big roll of wrapping paper I just think its a lot easier to wrap.

I love a nice little gift tag and I love these red one, they have loads of other styles but I like the rustic look with little pops of red on it. I think these are just so cute and I think there was a pack of 5 for like £2.48. They also have little stamp sets that have Christmas messages on them or pictures, I think they would look so cute on these little tags and would make the present so much more special. 

I love getting present that have ribbon or string round them, there's something quite satisfying about untying a bow on a presents and then still having the fun in unwrapping the gift. I really love this candy cane twine. I think its so christmassy and is just so cute.

Another bit of ribbon and I want this so much. I love the colour and I that its has snow flakes. I think this is perfect to wrap around your presents and would be a perfect little addiction.

I also saw this ribbon and its just so festive that I could resist including it. I would love the see on a present, I just think its ties the whole thing together (If you'll pardon the pun) and just makes it more special.

Obviously Christmas isn't about the presents but if you want to give someone a gift then this was just a little idea that I had, I love other wrapping styles but this year this has been my favourite.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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