Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas day 3 | Christmas candle collection

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to show you all the candles that I have been loving for the winter. Now even though the pictures are of the jars, I actually have the tea light versions of the candles. It was just easier to get pictures of the jars. I really hope this will give you some new candle favourites and I would love to know what scents you love for this time of year. 

Fireside treats |
The first candle I have is the fireside treats from Yankee candle. This is such a lovely smell and its not to strong, perfect for a relaxing night in. They smell just like rice crispy squares bars and its so nice to have this candle burning while listening to some Adele. 

Vanilla cupcake |
Although this isn't actually a winter scent, the vanilla cupcake candle is one of my favourite. You can do a lot with this and that sounds silly but I like to tweak the scent. I sprinkle some coffee granules on the candle before I burn it, when it melts the aroma of the coffee starts to spread and its the perfect pick me up. I also love the scent on its own, it smells like baking and I really love it.

Salted caramel |
Another gorgeous scent from the Yankee candle collection. This is a really sweet smelling candle but its so warming and it feels familiar to me. Like it connects to something in my past, I can't work out what but I feel so at home when I smell this. I always have my little salted caramel tea light on when I have a bath, its so nice to pop on my face mask, play some Adele and drift of to another world.

Snowflake cookie |
This is such a gorgeous smelling candle, its sweet but not to sweet. Its one of my all time favourites for winter and I can't not have this in my candle collection. I love having this candle burning on my desk while I'm writing, it just calms me down a lot and helps me focus.

Coconut and lime |
This is my mums candle but I still love it when she burns it. This is such a great scent and even though its not a typical Christmas scent, I still love to come home to find this candle lit. I love the smell of coconut and the added lime makes this perfect.

Pineapple and ginger |
This is a really sweet smell but I still love it. This candle from primark is such a lovely one to have in any candle collection, its perfect for all seasons and they are so cheap. A pack of thirty tea lights were only £1. I thought this was such a great price for these candles.

Vanilla cinnamon brulée |
This candle is my favourite out of all the candles I own. This is from a brand called Langley Home. It is so lovely and the smell is incredible. I love having this burning in the corner of my desk while I'm writing my blog posts, I love it so much and I think the price was really good. Its a much cheaper alternative to Yankee candles and the burn time is great. I have burnt this candle about ten times and  I burn my candles for about 7-8hours at a time. Its only just gone past the half way mark. Ive still got such a good amount of time to burn the candle and I think your should all go out and get it. I love it so much.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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