Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas day 24 | A very youtube christmas

Hello lovelies,
Its Christmas eve and I'm feeling really festive now. Ive been working non stop this week and yesterday was my last day before Christmases. I was counting down the hours and when the hours had gone I was counting down the minutes. I feel mentally drained this week and spending my Christmas surrounded by rude customers wasn't the best. However, I have had a very fun week at work, I've giggled a little to much, made some very funny yet rude jokes and I've had to bite my tongue on several occasions not to start arguments. 

I'm finally free of work until boxing day. Yes that rights, I volunteered to work on the busiest day of the year. I'm regretting it slightly because not only am I working 9-5 but I then have to come home and bake cinnamon buns for work on Sunday....Its say to say that I'm going to be shattered by Monday but I'm planning on sleeping all day.

I know that this year my blogmas has been such a let down. Last year I wasn't working so I had so much more time to write and plan posts. I'm so happy that I have my job but because I'm fully flexible with my hours, I can get called in at any time so planing certain days to do blogmas related things has been difficult. 

Anyway I saw this tag on Zoe's video and I really wanted to do it. I thought it would be fun and I would love to see your answers so let me know in the comments. I'm including all the youtubers I watch, some of them you might not know of but ill leave a link in their names.

Who would bring the best dessert?
I think that jemma (Cupcakejemma) would bring the best dessert because she is an amazing baker. Ive been to her cupcake shop in soho and the salted caramel pretzel cake is incredible. 

Who would carve the turkey?

I would say that jim would be the one to carve the turkey. I think he just seems really adult and like he could carve the turkey well.

Who would take the best photos?
Zoe, her blog photography is brilliant so I think she would take the best photos.

Who would look the most glam?

Louise would be the most glam for sure. I think she would look stunning and I'm sure she would wear something full of sparkles.

Who would have the tackiest Christmas jumper?

Casper lee, I think that Joe would probably make him wear a tacky jumper for a joke.

Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?

I feel like it would be 

Who would fall asleep first?

Tanya burr.

Who would be the last one dancing?
Alfie deyes, in his vlogs he's awake until the early hours of the morning so I think he would be the last one dancing because of the time..

Who would bring the worst gift?

Joe sugg, I think it wouldn't be bad but it would be a joke present.

Who would be in charge of Christmas music?

Zoe sugg would have to be in charge of the Christmas music, I saw her vlog a few days ago and she had the Muppet's Christmas carol soundtrack. That's my favourite so I would put her in charge.

Who would be in charge of Christmas dinner?

Ben from sorted food. I can imagine that he would make the most amazing Christmas dinner ever.

Who would make the best snowman?

No one, theres no snow in England.

Who would win at all the games?

Jim and Tanya, I know I've said them already but they are both quite smart and competitive.

Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?

Louise, I think she would have a few to many drinks and end up knowing the tree over.

Who would be the best Santa impersonator?

Joe sugg, if you've seen his impressions video then you'll agree. He is amazing at so many characters and I think he would do a great job impersonating Santa.

Well I hope you enjoyed that post and I hope you enjoyed my failed attempt at blogmas. Im taking the rest of December off but Ill be back in the new year.

I hope you all have lovely Christmases with your loved ones, if you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the break off school and work. Thank you all for your support this year, its been tough but I've managed to get through it and I couldn't have done that without you all.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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