Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas day 17 | The work christmas party

Hello lovelies,
As some of you may have seen in Tuesdays post, i had my work Christmas meal. I wanted to do a little post about it and just have a general chatty post today. If you want to see Tuesday's post then just click here.

So my department went out for a Christmas meal/party on Tuesday which meant I had to go sort of dressy. I was actually wanting to go in my jeggings and my smart jumper but instead I opted for a floral skater dress and a black cardigan. I even curled my hair and did my make up, much to every ones surprise. So I had a driving lesson in the morning so when I got home, I hopped in the bath and relaxed for a good hour before I had the stress of getting ready. I used my lush cup o coffee face mask, washed my hair and make sure that I had shaved my legs.

I will admit that I had a few glasses of Caribbean twist before I left at 6.30. What can I Say? I didn't want to pay bar prices for my drinks. Anyway after my failed attempt to glamorises myself, I headed off to work to meet my work chums. It was really weird seeing everyone out of uniform and in actual people clothes. After everyone had arrived we then had to wait for our mini bus, at this point my friend pointed out that there may be a few nice young men at the place we were going. A bit more on that later.

Anyway me and the younger people I work with headed to the back with anther lovely women who is basically mummy's all of us in my department and I love that. I'm not proud of it but we sat at the back taking swigs of drink from my friends hip flask, I'm not one for sharing a mouthpiece but its Christmas and it was only four people, also it was sour which I now realise I had a good liking for.

Anyway we got there and had to wait around for a bit, there was a very fit and good look bar man who even the boy we were with agreed that he was gorgeous, its nice to have a wing man and wing woman who appreciated what he looked like. Half the women we were with had already had a few drinks which made it even more fun to be around. Dinner was a bit of a let down though, the started was vile. It tasted like the smell of cat food and I almost gagged several time. The main was alright and the dessert made me look like a complete child. I didn't like the black Forest brownie so I asked for just the ice cream, they then served it to me in a red little bowl with a wafer. Much to the amusement of the guys I work with, while everyone else had a grown up plate i had a child's bowl. It was Delicious though so jokes on them.

After a few glasses of wine and several conversations about how gorgeous the new barman was, the mummy of us all went to ask his name. That was a very big mistake....Lets just say that when you've grown up watching dick and Dom in the bungalow, you may end up in a screaming contest which involves the names of the barmen. We all had a laugh and I just want to say sorry to PAUL! ALAN! and of course TOM! haha.

I also feel a little bad because a girl from another department came to the meal, her mum works in our department. She is so lovely but I don't think she was prepared for how dirty minded we all are. I feel like I have got a dirty mind at times and I love a good innuendo but we are all very dirty minded and we will have a good joke. I feel like maybe she wasn't prepared for how bad we can be, especially after a few drink haha.

Anyway after several hours of dancing, drinking and eating we headed home at 1am much to my horror, I should have been tucked up in bed but its all good. A few more shots of sourz at the back of the bus let to a very odd conversation about werthers originals and male bits and pieces, if you know what I mean. Lets just say after what I was told and in the context, I will no longer enjoy a hard boiled butterscotch.....Anyway apart from I had an amazing night and it was so nice to go out with all my work friends. I can't wait until next years party and I also now want to go out and get myself a nice bottle of rainbow ice sour.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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