Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas day 15 | Christmas party get ready with me!

Hello lovelies,
From the title you may be expecting some glamour post of me getting ready. I'm going out for the work Christmas meal tonight, its just my department so I know it will be very fun and we may end up drinking a tad to much. Its sort of glamours(wish) but there won't be any photos, you know what I'm like and if I put photos then people I know may find it. I will be showing you all the products I'm using and what I plan to so with them. Enjoy.

Here's all my make up ready to be applied to my hideous face. I'm going to attempt to make myself look hard decent and hopefully you will all like the products I'm using.

First I have my Ted baker blush compact. I got this in a gift set last year and I love it. Its so pretty and the packaging is rose gold. I'm not going to go mad with this, I don't want to look like coco the clown but I want just a little something on my cheeks.

Next I have my maybelline new york 220 powder. This is the natural beige powder and I love using this. Sometimes I forget and then I end up going out with a very shiny face, luckily I remembered to use it today.

I got this maybelline the blessed nudes pallet yesterday and I'm in love. Ive attempted a smokey eye look (Yes, I'm a little worried about this to) and I have used the two bottom right colours to attempt to make my eyes look lovely. It actually just looks like I've been punched in the face, oh well after a few drinks I'm sure no one will notice.

This next one is something that I just had to get. My friend at work always has the most amazing eye make up and her lashes look stunning, I had to know what she wore and I think it was this one. I chose waterproof as I know ill be giggling at lot tonight, I cry when I laugh so I wanted to protect my eyes from becoming pandas.

In an attempt to make my eyebrows like more socially acceptable, I'm using the collection eyebrow kit. Ive used the middle shade and just brushed it through my brows to give them a bit more definition. I then used the gel that comes with it to set my eye brows into place, not like they were going to just walk off half way through the night, oh you know what I mean.

I also used the No7 amazing eyes pencil to fill in the gaps where I may have over plucked them.

I got a new foundation because mine was definitely to orange for me, I got the maybelline dream satin liquid in shade 1. This is perfect for my skin tone and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything on my face.

I also have the benefit poise tint and I used a tiny but of this on my cheeks and then blended it with my real techniques multi task brush.

Here are all the brushed I used in the process. I also curled my hair which looks awful and then painted my nails or stubs as they currently look awful.

Right I'm off to have a few (To many) drinks with the lovely girls and boys from work. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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