Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas day 10 | Vlogmas videos I'm loving.

Hello lovelies,
I'm not feeling great today so Ive had to change my blog post. I'm going to be talking about the vlogmasses I've been loving recently and why. This is going to be a really quick post because I honestly feel awful so I'm even struggling to write this.

Zoe Sugg |
I love Zoe's vlogmas videos and I watch them religiously every year. The main reason why I love her vlogmas is because her videos are about 30 minutes long. I love having long vlogs to watch at the end of a long day and her videos make me feel really Christmassy.

Tanya Burr |
Tanya Burr is such a lovely ray of sunshine and her videos are always really funny and I'm always so interested in what she's up to. I also love how she enjoys baking so if I watch her vlogs then theres always a chance ill find something new to bake. I also love her love for Christmas, she's the perfect youtuber to watch if you want to feel all festive.

Sprinkle of glitter |
Louise is attempting vlogmas this year and I'm so happy, she is one of my favourites and I love seeing all her homey days. I'm also really interested to see what her bathroom looks like after she's had all the work done, I'm a very nosey person.

The sacconejoly's |
I love watching their vlogs but I don't know if I can actually say they are doing vlogmas. Anyway, I have been loving seeing what they ahem been up to and I love seeing who excited the kids get for Christmas. 

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