Wednesday, 4 November 2015

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Hello lovelies,
Ive been looking for a few weeks online to see if there was a baking tag. I couldn't find one with questions anywhere so I wanted to make my own. I don't really think that this will catch on like all the big tag posts out there but for people that love baking then feel free to answers the questions and pass it on. These are my own questions so I hope they aren't to bad. 

What's your favourite thing to bake?
I really love making cupcakes. I think you can make them so pretty and I think I'm much better at baking cupcakes than big cakes. My favourite cupcakes to make are my carrot and orange cupcakes.

Do you always follow a recipe or just make do with what you have?
As many of you know, I've been known to just make do with what I have. Has this always worked out well? No as you might be able to tell from my cookakes (My own terrible invention).  I normally have all the ingredients except one so I just either leave it out if its not important and use what I have.

Silicon bakeware or metal?
Oh I love silicon bakeware. Its just so easy to wash up and you don't have to send out scraping of cake batter that dripped onto the side of the pan. Also you can get so many shapes and sizes that you can makes really cool decorations without spending loads of money on them.

Do you prefer baking cakes or cookies?
I love cookies but my cupcakes have been going down very well at work. I think there's something nice about a bath of cupcakes. You can try and make them look the same and with cookies you don't really control the rise or spread of them.

When did you start baking?
I have always liked baking but when I was little I  just used packet mixes, I wouldn't class that as baking now. I think I properly started baking when I was 16. I really making something from just a simply set of ingredients, its oddly satisfying to make something so nice from a bit of flour, eggs and butter.

Do you enjoy baking or is it something you do when your bored? 
I used to just bake when I was bored but I love it now. I bake at least once a week and I'm always thinking of new recipes that I can try. We are putting up the Christmas tree at work this Sunday after we close and manager has let me come in to do it, because of that I said id bake Christmas tree cupcakes. 

Are you inventive with your bakes?
I definitely like to try new things when baking but I like to stick to the recipe if I can. I'm inventive with my flavours and decoration, I love a bit of sugar work and I'm getting pretty good at Caramel.

Do you actually know the difference between baking powder and baking soda?
I don't have a clue. I could have goggled the answer to sound really smart but I don't know. If anyone actually knows then please tell me in the comments. It must affect the taste in some way and the rise of the cake but I couldn't tell you why.

Why do you love baking?
I love baking because when I bake my aunt always says that I'm like her mum (my nan) when I bake. It makes me really happy to be compared to my nan, it makes me feel close to her even though she's no long with us. I also love baking my my family love it and I like making people happy with baking.

Giving or receiving baked goods?
I love baking for other people. I made carrot and orange cupcakes last week for the women (and two men) at work and they loved them. I like that people like my baking and they want me to make more which I'm sort or really excited about. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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