Monday, 2 November 2015

Monthly favourites | October 2015

Hello lovelies
Halloween is over so I can officially start to get all christmassy. October has been such an exciting month and I have had some amazing favourites, I hope you enjoy this post and comment some of your favourites.

Beauty product:
Lip balm has been my saviour this month. I get really dry l lips in the cold months and my lips have been really chapped. Ive been using the nivea milk and honey lip balm and its been really great at moisturising my lips and stopping them drying out.

Lush product;
I used my luxury lush pud this month and it got me feeling really festive. I adore this bath ballistic from lush and I can't wait to go to lush and get some more. Its smells fantastic and looks gorgeous in the bath.

Arachnophobia has been the best filmed Ive watched this month. I love the whole concept of the film and its one of my favourite's. I'm really scared of spiders so I don't really know why I choose to watch this film but its actually really good.

I was taken to this harvester a few days ago to celebrate me passing yet theory test, this meant I got to get my favourite dessert from there. I got the honeycomb explosion which is just so delicious and I just wish that I had more of it. There's a very big chance  ill be making my way to the harvester very soon for another one.

TV series;
Dave have been showing episode of Blackadder recently and Ive found myself glued to the TV. They've been showing different episodes from each series but I'm loving the Blackadder got forth episodes, these are all based around the first world war and are my favourite series. Has anyone seen blackadder? I think its just a British TV show.

Book |
This month I've been really boring and have been revising for my theory test. That meant that I've been glued to my highway code learning all the road signs, driving rules and boring                          that. Thankfully I don't have to do that anymore because I passed my theory! I'm booking lessons soon and I hope to have passed by July.

Ive been loving cherry Wallis this month. Ive found myself watching all her old videos and just spending hours glued to her channel. I think she's just such a lovely girl and she just makes such good content. I can't wait for her next video.

Hello....Yep I've been obsessed with Adele's new song and I can't stop singing it. Its just so beautifully written and I've been waiting for her song for years. Ive also been loving Jamie Lawson's wasn't expecting that. Its such an incredible song and I think you'll love it

Because its getting so cold Ive had to start wearing my dressing gown. I forgot how comfy it was and Ive been loving coming home after working, getting all warm in my pj's and dressing gown to start writing. I just feel all relaxed and cosy.

Ive been baking a lot this month and I've been taking my bakes into work. I wasn't going to but after seeing a picture of my cakes, the women I work with wanted to try them. They absolutely loved the carrot and orange cupcakes and they want me to bake more. I feel I've stared something that I've never going to be able to stop now.

Lots of love,

Chloe xxx

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