Monday, 23 November 2015

Fractured ankle! |

Hello lovelies,
So many of you know that I didn't have the best week last week but it got much worse on Saturday. I was working 3:30pm to 7:30pm and as usual I left earlier than I needed to. Anyway I was on the step outside my house and I don't know what happened but I managed to fall off the step and landed on my ankle. I was in tears and in so much pain. I haven't fractured anything before so I didn't know how painful it was.

It was only me, a boy I work with and a women I work with working for the evening so I couldn't not go in. Well I could have called in sick but I don't like having time off ill. I battled on and let them know at work. There were a few giggles when they thought I had fallen out of my door but over the night the pain just got worse. I was in so much pain that I was almost in tears but I didn't want to cry at work so I just laughed through the pain. People at work are incredibly good at making me laugh and my god I need to laugh or I would have cried. After several hours on my feet we had to clean and I could barely walk. Thankfully the boy I worked with mopped and did most of the work, I felt bad making the two of them do most of the work but they know that I was in so much pain.

The women I work with looked at my ankle and was really worried, or in her words "This is my mummy instinct kicking in and you need to go to hospital". I did fight it a bit because I wanted to go home and watch doctor who but after them both telling me that I needed to go, I was dropped of home by the women I work with and the minute I got in the front door I burst into tears.

My mum and dad made me go to A&E but I didn't really want to go, partly because I hadn't shaved my legs. I mean I don't look like chewbacca but I didn't really want the doctors looking at my foot when I hadn't had chance to shave my legs. Anyway all dignity and self respect I had went away when my mum made me wear granny slippers to the hospital, yep that's right. I was in hospital filled with drunk men, women, old people and drug users....and I was in slippers. Not my finest hour.

I don't like going to the hospital because I honesty didn't think that I should have been there, I felt bad wasting NHS resources on something that I thought was nothing. Anyway, after an hour I was sent for an X-ray where the nurse was quite rough with my foot but I know she was only doing her job and they do an amazing job in there. I then went back to the waiting room and waited for another two and a half hours until the nurse could see me. Oh and I went into A&E about  8o'clock so at this point it was about midnight when i got to see the nurse. I didn't mind because there were people there with much worse injuries than me. I went into the little room with my mum and the nurse. She looked and then said that she had to look at my X-ray, that meant she was gone for another 30mintues. She came back and said that I had broken/fractured a small bone in my ankle/foot and it would have to be put in a plaster cast. The doctor I saw was really lovely but them nurse who did my cast was so lovely, she was called Sophie and she i a credit to the NHS much like all the doctors and nurses.People moan about the NHS but she made me feel at ease with my foot and explained everything to me.

Ive got an appointment at the fracture clinic on Thursday where they'll take off the temporary cast and asses how long it will take to heal. I'm really hoping that because its small I will only take a few weeks. Ive told my manager and she was really lovely about it but I felt awful that I couldn't work today. I had to speak to the store manager this morning and tell him what had happened but he wasn't annoyed. I'm hoping that I can go into work and just working on the till in my department, my manager knows that I want to be working and not stuck indoors so we'll see what they say on Thursday.

Oh and because I'm at risk of blood clotting if I'm not moving about, I also have to inject my stomach everyday until Thursday at 10pm each night. It bruises my stomach and when its injected the fluid feels like when you get lemon juice in a cut. It burns like hell.

Oh well, last week was a pretty crap week but I'm just hoping that they will let me back at work. I'm really worried that they'll sack me because I cant work at the minute, my friends at work have assured me that wont happen but I'm really panicking now. I just want to say that even though they wont read this, thank you to the women and boy I worked with on Saturday. I'm sorry if I was a grumpy bitch but they knew how much pain I was in and they did they're best to make me smile and because of that I managed to hold it together and have a pretty good shift. Thanks guys, I'll bring cupcakes in to say thanks.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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