Saturday, 17 October 2015

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Hello lovelies,
Today I thought I would do the lush tag. I'm sorry if you are here looking for today's lush review, I will be doing that next week but I was really excited to do this tag. I saw this on Emma Blackerys channel a few days ago and i wanted to share my answers with you. I might let myself have two favourites for  each, just know that these are pretty big decisions for a lushie like me.

What is your favourite product?
My favourite lush product...This is a very hard questions. For the lush products that are available all year round, I would have to say the love lettuce face mask. This makes my skin feel so soft and healthy. I need to get a new one soon, I did a blog post all about this face mask. It smells like lavender and its just so good and relaxing to use.

What is your favourite ballistic?
I love most of the bath bombs from lush so this is very tricky. If I want a no thrills bath that still makes me feel great, I would say that the butterball is my favourite. This one isn't full of pretty colours but the oils in it are fantastic for the skin and leave you feeling really soft and cosy. For a colourful bath then I think I would say the luxury lush pud. This is only out at Christmas but I adore this ballistic. Its so colourful and it smells incredible.

What is your favourite bubble bar?
Comforter bubble bar! This smells like ribeana and it makes incredibly soft bubbles. It also makes the water turn a really pretty pink, whats not to love?

                                                    What is your favourite bath melt?
I don't really use the bath melts from lush. Ive only tried the you've been managed. I did really like it but they are quite expensive and this bath melt wasn't that big. It was nice but I just don't think that I need the bath melts.

What is your favourite soap?
I don't like using the soaps from lush, they make my skin feel really rough and papery (Does anyone know what I mean?). Ive only ever tried one, that was the yog nog soap that they bring out at Christmas. Although I didn't like the soap I loved the smell. They have out that scent into a 
bath bomb this year so I am very happy about that.

What is your favourite shower gel?
Snow fairy. This is my favourite scent from lush and I have to get a big bottle whenever they get it in. Its just so sweet smelling and it makes me feel all christmassy.

What is your favourite limited edition product?
since Ive already mentioned snow fairy, I will say that my favourite limited edition product is the lord of misrule bath ballistic. This is another one of my favourites from lush and I really want them to put this into there all year round range. Its smells like vanilla and pepper and its just such a beautiful scent to fill your bath with.

How many kitchen products have you had?
Ive only ever had one lush kitchen product, that was the milk bottle bubble bar which is now available in the stores. It was nice but I don't think I would get it again.

How long have your been a lushie?
Since November 2013. I used to hate the smell of the shop but then I went in and then I was hooked. I also used to be scared of lush, when I was little they had a silver women outside the shop. You know those people statues, well when I went near it the women moved. I was petrified of the shop which is a shame because now I can't get enough. 

I tag all the lovely beau bloggers and if your are a lushie like me, please do this tag and leave your links in the comments.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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