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Lush christmas range | 2015

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Its that time of year again where I allow myself to go mad in lush. I got all the products from the Christmas range, I'm justifying this with the excuse that as a blogger who loves lush. I need to show you the whole range so you can see what they have to offer. I think my reasoning is pretty good and you all know how much I love a good bath bomb. Grab a cup of tea or cocoa (whatever beverage you prefer) and sit back and relax while I show you all that lush have to offer this year.  

If you want to get any of these products then click the image of the one you like and it will take you directly to the page on lush, also don't blame me if you spend an awful lot on there like I did.

Luxury lush pud | £3.95
This bath ballistic has been a favourite of mine for a few years now. It smells like a Christmas pudding which is great but its not to overpowering. It also make this bath look incredible when you pop in into the water. It also had a hint of lavender to it. Just to say that I'm terrible at describing smells so you might smell something completely different.

Lord of misrule | £3.95
This is actually from the Halloween range but they don't have a lot in it this year, that's why I've included it in the Christmas range. This smells like pepper and vanilla which actually works really well together to make a spicy sweet bath bomb.

Father Christmas | £3.65
This bath ballistic smells like snow fairy. If you don't know what snow fairy smells like, its basically like a bubble gum flavour. Its one of my favourites from lush and that's why I love this bath bomb. Also when it hits the water its green inside.

So white | £3.65
This bath ballistic hasn't been out for two years or more. Ive heard everyone say how good it is so I was really excited when I saw that lush had included it in the range. It smells a little like apple but I was say it has a classic soap scent to it. I like it but its not my favourite from the Christmas range.

Golden wonder | £3.95
This beautiful bath ballistic is perfect fro glitter lovers. When you shake it you can hear the little gifts inside. It has quite a strong smell but it is nice, maybe not one for a relaxing bath but its definitely an impressive bath bomb when dropped into water. To me it smells quite fruity, mainly orange but a little limey as well.

Dashing Santa | £2.95
Dashing Santa is a really cute little bath ballistic. It smells like oranges and lemon and it turns the water a really pretty colour.  Its also a lot cheaper than the other bath ballistics and its a pretty good size for the money.

Holly golightly | £4.95
This bubble bar smells like a strong cinnamon and orange. Its really lovely when its crumbled under the water and creates gorgeously soft bubbles. It turns the bath green and a little bit shimmery. The silver shimmer does get all over your hands so you will be finding glitter on yourself a good few days after your bath. 

Candy mountain | £2.95
Candy mountain has the lovely scent of snow fairy and it's one that I can't resist buying every year. This bubble bar is great value for money and because they vary in size slightly, when you go in store you can grab the biggest and still only pay £2.95 for it.

The magic of Christmas | £5.95
This may have beaten snow fairy this year. The smell of this is fantastic, its basically Christmas in a bubble bar. Its on a cinnamon stick which is brilliant, its smells like cinnamon and vanilla. Its also covered in glitter which is very appealing to me. It does have a little red ribbon on it and a bell but that came of because I broke it. I assure you that with the ribbon it looks even more magnificent. 

Sparkly pumpkin | £3.65
This is another product from the Halloween range but I decided to include this anyway. This doesn't really smell like pumpkin, it smells a little chocolaty to me. I don't know why but its just s,ells like a chocolate orange. Its odd because its normally the products that have Shea butter or cocoa butter in that smell like this but it hasn't got any of that in. Its nice though so I'm glad I got this bubble bar.

Shoot for the stars | £3.65
I love this bath ballistic. Its got glitter in it, it turns the water a lovely blue colour and again it smells like chocolate orange. Its a beautiful bath bomb, I had this last year and it has little stars in it. I also remember how soft my skin felt after using this bath bomb.

Peeping Santa | £3.95
Not the most impressive bubble bar lush have done this year, its nice but i preferred the little penguins they did last year. Its smells quite fruity, it might have some berry's in it. The one think that excited me about this one is that apparently it has cocoa butter in it. That always does wonders for my skin and I also read that it has edible hearts in it. I won't be eating them but I think they will look pretty in the bath. 

Magic wand | £5.25
They've jazzed up the magic wand this year, Added some silver shimmer to the bubble bar and a snazzy silver ribbon. Its snow fairy scented but they've toned it down this year which I don't really get why. Its such a popular scent but its just not as strong as the snow fairy scent. The father Christmas bath bomb smells more like snow fairy than this.

Five gold rings | £4.95
I love the concept of this. Its really good for the price and the smell is fantastic. Its a little bit like and orange vanilla scent. This is quite similar to the sparkly pumpkin.

Cinders | £2.95
One of my favourite little gems from lush, this bath ballistic is autumn in a bath. It smells like cinnamon, almonds and it has popping candy in it. When you get in the bath, light a candle and pop this bath bomb it. It sounds like a little crackling fire and its just such a cosy scent.

Snow angel | £3.95
This bath melt has the scent of marzipan and as a love of cake, that makes me extremely happy. I don't usually get bath melts but as her I used the you've been magoed, I wanted to give this one a go. Its covered in glitter but I can imagine that this will make you skin feel amazing. 

Bar humbug | £4.95
I'm a lover of the Muppet's Christmas carol so this bubble bar reminded me of that. Its such cool colour and I love the element of shimmer. It smells like herbs which is very odd but surprisingly satisfying.  I really like this bubble bar, its different from the sickly sweet scents I normally get from lush.

Yog nog | £3.95
I'm pretty sure that I was obsessed with this scent last year. Unlike last year when this scent was only released in soap from this year why have brought it back but in the form of a bath ballistic. I'm so happy that I can have the scent again. I got the soap but I can use lush soaps because they make my skin feel really dry. This smells like fudge and toffee. I'm obsessed with this and I've even made my mum buy me another four for Christmas.

Butter bear | £1.95
The butter bear is cute but I didn't want to get a few of these like I have don't with the other. This is just the butterball in the shape of a bear. Its really lovely and a lovely scent but if you want this all year round then just buy the butterball. 

Star dust | £2.95
This vanilla scented star is a new one i the Christmas range. I haven't seen this one before and it looked really lovely. I love the fact that I can see some blue on it. I'm looking forward to seeing if this lovely little star has a pale blue inside. This is also a pretty good price for a bath ballistic.

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