Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween movies |

Hello lovelies,
So tomorrow is the 31st October and that means that the weekend is going to be full of Halloween parties, trick or treaters and just general scariness. If you're like me then you won't have plans for Halloween and will probably just spend the weekend in fort of blankets and pillows, scaring the hell out of yourself. Here's my top 5 Halloween movies that you should watch.

Amusement  |
This film is split in to three stages, one for each women that has done wrong in the past. It all goes back to when they were kids and laughed at a young boy and were really disturbed to see what he found amusing. The scariest part is where the women goes to sleep when she's babysitting but she has to sleep in the clown room. If you have a phobia of clowns then this might not be for you, I hate clowns but I can't help but watch clown films. I know that doesn't really make sense but I love scaring myself. This is a really good film and has a really good back story to it.

House of wax |
I had never seen this film until last night. I really loved it because its a really jumpy film and its not like other horror movies because I don't think anyone could even imagine that something like this could even be possible. I watched the 2005 version and I really enjoyed it.

Nightmare on elm street |
Ive seen the newer version of this film and I loved it. Ive always been aware of what the film is about because there was a Simpsons episode where they reenacted the film. I love the whole concept of the film, the whole idea that you can't be protected in your dreams and that's when he'll come and kill you. I think that's just such a creepy yet genius concept and this film is definitely worth a watch.

Scream 1, 2, 3 and 4 |
If you're in the mood to pull an all nighter then you should watch all the scream films. My favourite has always been 3 as I like how it shows how her life has been since the murders. It also shows the Hollywood film stab 3 being made which is based on what happen to her. I love the scene where she's running through the set of her house trying to escape ghost face, its so tense and a great watch.

Would you rather? |
This film is a work of purer genius. It plays off the game would you rather and its really interesting to see just how far people will go for money. This girl needs money to pay for her brothers medical bills and she's invited to dinner at a mans house where they play the game. Her and a handful of others have to chose would they rather someone was shot or someone else was stabbed. Its things like that but it so well thought out and I loved every minute of this film.

Well I hope you liked my top 5 Halloween films. Whatever you do this year for Halloween if you celebrate it, have fun and be careful. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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