Friday, 9 October 2015

Film review | Man up

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I hope your all having a lovely Friday. This week I got the film man up, this is one that I was desperate to see when it came out at the cinema but like always, I didn't go and see it. This film has Simon pegg in it so I had to see it. You may have noticed from my previous film reviews that I love simon pegg as an actor so I was looking forward to seeing him in a very different role.

Here's what it says online about man up "One night, two people, on a first date like no other... Meet Nancy (Lake Bell, In A World): 34, single, hung-over, and exhausted by her well-meaning but clueless friends’ continual matchmaking. Nancy is done with dating. She’s reached the end of her rope, and is more than happy to hole up, seal up, and resign herself to a life alone. That is until Jack (Simon Pegg, Hot Fuzz) mistakes Nancy for his blind date at Waterloo Station, and she does the unthinkable and just… goes with it. Because what if pretending to be someone else finally makes her man up, and become her painfully honest, awesomely unconventional, and slightly unstable true self?" Now I've read some 1 star reviews of this film on amazon but I loved it. I think if your not a fan of romantic comedies then it might not be your thing. I think can relate to the charter of Nancy because she's given up on love and is ready for a life alone.

I won't tel you what happens because I've already said in the what it said online part. This is such a feel good film. It's really well written and I think that this is something that could happen to anyone. As this is a British film I think it follows the typically British mannerism of not wanting to say no and not knowing what to do if you got into this situation. Its funny to see Nancy try to keep up the persona of Jessica while on this blind date.

 I also love they turn their phones of. This is vital for the film because in today's society our lives are run by technology and the real blind date could have just called to see what had happened. I also found it really relatable, sort of, because Nancy starts falling for Jack and he does the same but he thinks he falling in love someone else. Nancy on the other hand has fallen for him but she knows she can't keep up the lie. When it eventually comes out that she's Nancy not Jessica its fun to see the pair argue but still have to stay together. 

The other think I love about this film is that Simon Pegg doesn't play the main character. I love him as an actor but its nice to see him take a back seat a little and be a more serious character. Nancy is played brilliantly by Lake Bell who is actually American but shows off her incredible talents as an actress by acting in a typical British accent that if I hadn't of know, I would have thought she was British. I hadn't actually heard of her before but now that I have I really want to go and watch other shows or films that she has appeared in because I admire her as an actress because she is just fantastic.

If you want to get this film then click on the image and it will take you to the amazon page for it. If you do watch this film then please let me know what you thought of it.

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