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Butterfly cake |

Hello lovelies,
 In England today marks the last day of the great British bake off and I couldn't be more upset about this. I love baking and I wanted to try something that I hadn't before, so I could make one last showstopper before the series ends. Ive made a butterfly cake before with my cousin but I just oddest think it was that good. I wanted to go all out with royal icing, glitter, chocolate and I wanted to make it perfect. I go the idea from Tanya burrs video that you can see here.

Ingredient's |
For the cake :
4 Eggs.
225g Butter.
225g Caster sugar.
175g Self-Raising flour.
50g Cocoa powder.

For the butter cream.
150g Butter.
300g Icing sugar.

For the deception |
Pink sprinkles.
1 spaghetti strand.
Ready to roll icing. 
Food colouring.

Equipment |
An 8" cake tin.
Mixing bowl.
Mixing spoon.
Cake board.
Rolling pin.
Cooling rack.

Step 1 |
Measure out all your ingredients fro the cake and then cream together the sugar and butter. I sifted all my ingredients just to make sure that the cake didn't have any lumps in.

Step 2 |
Add your eggs one at a time and mix them into your butter and sugar mixture. If it looks like its curdled then add a little of your flour.

Step 3 |
Sift in your cocoa and self-raising flour and then mix it in until all the ingredients are combined.

Step 4 |
Place your cake mix into your cake tin. The original recipe said to use two tins and divide the mix equally. I didn't have two tins so instead of baking two tins for 25-30minues I baked mine on 160c for 55 minutes.

Step 4 |
While your cake is baking get your stick of spaghetti and use it to make the body of the butterfly. Get your ready to toll icing and add the colour of your choice to it. Add a tiny bit of colour at a time as you want to build up the colour gradually to get the right one. make a few size balls and put them on the spaghetti so it looks a little something like this.

Step 5 |
Get your cake out of the oven and place it on a baking tray. Let it cool and then cut in into 4. Use this template to get the right shapes.

 Step  6 |
Make your butter cream by mixing 150g of butter and 300g of fixing sugar. Mix this taught until its a smooth paste. When your cake segments are cool, spread the cutter cream on the top and sides to crumb coat the cake. Put them into the fridge to set up while you roll your icing.

Step 7 |
Dust your surface with icing sugar and place your icing on it. Split your icing into 4 and then roll each piece out around 3mm thick. Carefully pick up that icing and drape it over the segment of cake. When your happy with the position of it, take the edges and gently push the icing to the sides of the cake, pulling the icing gently to make sure it sits well .Trim of any excess and then smooth it over to make sure its smooth. 

Step 8 |
Arrange your cake until it looks like a butterfly. Add the body of the butterfly and then your can start decorating. I use a paint brush and some water to use as a glue to help the pink shimmer little stick and also to make sure it was how I wanted it. You can choose whatever design you like and I would love to see them.

Here's what the finished cake looks like. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I really loved baking this and it made more more confident to be a little braver with my baking. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you bake this then please share it will me. 

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Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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