Thursday, 3 September 2015

Film review | You're next

Hello lovelies,

My film review to today is going to be about the film You're next. I remember seeing this advertised thinking it looked incredible. For a horror film I don't think it was that good. I mean this in the sense that it was all a little predicable what was going to happen ad the violence in it just seemed to extreme for the people it was revolved around. I don't know I feel like if it was insane murderer then the violence would have been plausible but I think for a family that own a posh house and hold dinner parts for the family, it was just to out there.

Here's what it says online about the film "The Davisons, an upper-class family, are extremely wealthy -- but also estranged. In an attempt to mend their broken family ties, Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) and Paul (Rob Moran) Davison decide to celebrate theirwedding anniversary by inviting their four children and their children's significant others to their weekend estate. The celebration gets off to a rocky start, but when crossbow-wielding assailants in animal masks suddenly attack, the Davisons must pull together or die".

I think it was good film but I don't think it was in the right genre. I think it would have been better as a maybe a thriller but I feel like because it was so predicable that it lost all elements of a horror. I think of horror films as very tense, scary films that leave you scared to leave your room in fear that somethings lurking in the dark. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of violence but it just didn't make sense that a family that posh and close would act like that. The story tells you why it happens but the type of violence is to technical. Its the type of think you would expect to see in something like chainsaw massacre or something like that. Its very hard to describe what I mean but it just doesn't seem like a horror. I think to much effort has gone into making this a horror when if they had just held back some of the violence they could have made it more scary, they could have given that element of mystery other than leaving the viewers knowing whats going to happen.

What do you think of horror films like this? 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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