Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dream journal | 1st September 2015

Hello lovelies 
I'm posting in my dream journal today! I know I haven't posted 
in this section of my blog for months. If I'm honest I just haven't been able to remember any of my dreams, I find that happens when I'm busy. I always forgot what I dreamt about and because I'm so busy I don't have time to remember. Well today I finally have a dream to share with you all.

So last night was a mixture of dreams which all seemed to slot together and make sense. I dreamt that first I was at home. I was with my family having a party in the garden. everything was fine until it got dark. Not dark as in night but the sky got dark and it seemed really creepy, like something out of a horror film. The next thing I know I was in the water swimming up to this boat. In my dream I was a mermaid, which was pretty cool if I'm honest with you. As I swum up to the boat I noticed it was a pirate ship. I was dragged out of the sea and then I was on the boat in front of loads of pirates. They were just staring at me and then they started chasing me. I couldn't run as I was a mermaid so I didn't have legs. I was near enough to the edge to quickly fling myself of the boat when they started shooting at me. After that I woke up.

That was a very strange dream for me so I looked on dreamforth to see what it said about it. Here's what it said about darkness "To dream that darkness comes upon you indicates defeat in a project that you might try. Darkness is symbolic of incomprehension, the unconscious, malice, death, and concerns about the unknown.". This all rings true with me, especially the bit about the unknown. I've been scared lately about the future and what going to happen and I guess this has just been playing on my mind.

Here's what it said about the sea "To dream of the sea reflects your current emotions, whether it was rough or calm. It also symbolizes the conversion between your unconscious and conscious mind. The dream may also suggest your observation of a certain situation or feeling. There may be a notion that you need to 'see' more clearly. In addition, the dream may represent a need for confidence and security, or the need to offer someone else comfort and ease.". My emotions have been all over the place recently and because I don't really talk about them to people I keep them all in y head or I write them online. I think it's been playing in my mind a lot more recently.

It didn't say anything on dreamforth about mermaids so I looked somewhere else and here's what it said "If you were a mermaid in your dream, this represents the current state of your love relationship(s).If the dream was happy and turned out well, it is a good forecast for your love life. But if the dream was strange or unhappy, it means your current love relationship or crush is not doing well.". Well if that's true then my hope for finding love in the future looks very bleak, #Foreveralone.

Lastly I looked up about pirates, here's what it said "To dream of a pirate signals the presence of some persons or situations creating discord to your emotional life. You may feel that someone has dishonored or attacked your creativity.". 

Well I hope you enjoyed that dream journal. I really hope I start remembering more of my dreams because I forgot how much I love posting these.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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