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Doctor who experience |

Hello lovelies

Today is going to be a very picture heavy blog post. As some of you may know, last week I went to the Doctor who experience. I wanted to share my experience with you and tell you how great it was. This is the perfect day out for a Whovian, it might not be your cup of tea but for me, well it was amazing. The pictures aren't in any order partly because there are to many and also because they are uploaded the in a way which means its really tricky to move everything around without it all moving into weird places. This post will contain a lot of spoilers of what happens there so if you are planning on going and want it to be a surprise, please don't read the next paragraph.

The experience |

I had done my research on the doctor who experience but I can't have done that much as the first part was completely unknown to me. When you queue up to start the experience you see the gallifreyan robes and they are really cool to see them up close. The women tells you that there is no photography in the first part of the experience as they don't want you to spoil it for other people. We you go through you are greeted by an actor who gives you a lanyard that has a plastic crystal on it. You are taken into what they call the gallifrey museum. There are little artifacts in there which are on the show. They then play a video which tells you about the history of gallifrey and about how only one time lord remained. The doctor then appears and says that he needs help. Its the twelfth doctor (Peter capaldi) which I was a little upset about. I like him but I much preferred Matt smith and David tennants doctors. The actor is talking to the video as if she is communicating with the doctor. The screen then splits in two like the crack in space and time which we first see in episode 1 of series 5 (I sound so geeky!). 

In the next room its supposed to be like a tardis memory core which was cool things dangling from the ceiling. The lanyard starts to flash and vibrate as different parts of the experience go on. The actor was good and I can see how this could make it all seem real to children. The tardis then appears and you walk through the open doors of it to the next room which is the dalek planet skaro, I think. It was either that or the tardis. In this room  there are ruins of Daleks and its supposed to look like the planet skaro when its destroyed. You have to look for three crystals over this little experience. The first crystal is in the dalek and the women asks if any children want to get it. Once the crystal was retrieved, the Dalek wakes up and moves out and moves its eye stalk and the part that exterminates people. Another Dalek then appears and starts moving towards you saying exterminate. I must admit, I was a little bit scared. Ive watched the show for years and its weird to be in that situations, I know its not real but it makes it also realistic. You then have to jump up and down on a pressure pad to get the doors to open. The next room you went into was actually Matt smiths tardis which was really exciting for me. In there you had to fly the tardis with these little controls, this was more for the little kids but the floor moves and vibrates to make it feel like you are actually flying it.

In the next room is is almost pitch black. As you walk through it flashes lights and is really cold in there and feels windy. With every flash of light you see the hands and faces of weeping angels coming out of the floor. As you walk further you see the full weeping angels in all their poses. Its actually really scary, I thought they may have had people dresses as angles but luckily they didn't. As you go further round you have to find another crystal which is near an angel. I really loved this room as I love all the episodes that involve the angels. 

The last room is filled with old TV screens. You get 3D glasses and tenth doctor appears on the screen and you have to find the last crystal. When you do on the screen all these creatures appear and it looks like they are coming right at you. Daleks and weeping angles are among some of the monsters. At the end you give the glass and the lanyard back to the women and are taken through to the room where you get to see all the sets, costumes and much more.

All the rest |
Once the first part was over I whipped out my camera and started taking photos. First you see the first doctors Tardis and it looked stunning. It was so cool seeing it up close and actually getting to take your time to look at the controls. 

There was also little bits and pieces that were from the show 50 years ago. Old set pieces and it also told you how the theme tune was originally made. They had a few tardis' dotted around. It was really cool seeing the tardis' that were around before the new Doctor who which aired from 2005 onwards. 

When you walk round a little more you get to see another tardis interior. Its really bad but I don't know which Doctor this interior belongs to. I'm going to justify that by the fact that I wasn't around where the old who was on. You also get to see Jon Pertwee's iconic yellow car that was in the old series. They also had these really cool sets made of paper. They were like the ones at Harry Potter studios that made the Hogwarts great hall. They also had K-9 there which was so cool. K-9 is the doctors robot dog in the old series and the Sarah Jane smith looked after him, he made an appearance in the second series of new who but then he wasn't seem much. I love K-9 because I used to love watching the Sarah-Jane adventures which was on for four series. Sadly Elisabeth sladen died but I feel like that was such an amazing program and I love it when you get to see what the companions get up to after travelling with the Doctor.

They had a tardis with a green screen where you could get your picture taken, I was going to do this but I felt a bit silly as I am supposed to be an adult. Around the corner they had eccleston and tennants tardis which I loved. That's the tardis that I have loved ever since I got into Doctor who and it was so lovely to see it up close. On the other side they had the war doctors Tardis and they had Billie pipers outfit when she played the moment. Obviously she's more known as rose Tyler but for the 50th special she played the moment. 

For the next part you went upstairs which had so many cool things. There was a section for Daleks, cybermen, doctors and there was just so much to see. I really loved seeing all the props and monsters.  They are actually still quite scary to stand next to. They had the scarecrow man which always used to frighten the hell out of me. They had the abzorbaloff from series 2 which I found really funny. I wasn't really interested in seeing the props from series 8 (twelfth Doctor) because I just don't love it as much. I was so excited to see everything from series 1-7.

They also had the Peg dolls from series 6. These are so creepy up close. If anyone has seen this episode please tell me you were scared about these as well. They also had some monsters from the old doctor who and it was really cool to see how far the monsters have come. In the middle they had the silences base that was incredible to look at. It was a little weird seeing the silence up close but it was so detail that it looked so real.

The next area was dedicated to the Cybermen. This was brilliant to look at and I couldn't help being a tiny bit scared. These are so iconic for Doctor who and it was so amazing to be stood right next to one. I was so scared that it was going to move at some point and scare the hell out of me. They had a case which had the heads of cybermen so you could see the transformation they have had over the years.

The doctors |
There was an area that had all the costumes for the doctors which I loved. It was so lovely seeing ten and elevens costumes side by side. Bow ties will forever be cool. It also loved seeing the costumes for the previous doctors, it made you feel more connected to the show and its 50 year history. In the middle they had the current tads and peter capaldi's costume that he wears for the twelfth doctor. They  also had a collector of sonic screwdriver's that the doctors used throughout the years.

The next part was the Daleks. They had daleks from way back when it started and the most current ones we see today. Even though I know its not real, looking down the eye stalk of a Dalek was a very scary thing for. I think its because as sad a I know this sounds, theres a big part of me that wants this all to be real and it was so weird being able to be that close to the most iconic thing that doctor who is known for.

Companion's |
This area meant a great deal to me. I love the companions because I would want to be one. The idea of travelling the universe in a little blue box, seeing the stars and meeting creatures from different planets is just amazing. I loved seeing roses costume, Jack harkness and most special was Amy and Rory. I think their love story is one that's just to cute to describe and they are by far my favourite companions. They even had the little toys Amy made of the doctor who she was a little girl. They also had the cot that eleven brings out for Rory and Amy in season 6. The doctors first stars which was amazing to see up close. 

The next area was mainly for bits an pieces from series 8 which I wasn't to fussed about. It was really cool seeing all the props but I was more interested in the stuff from the previous series.

The last bits I got photos of were things like the ood, the clockwork men from series 2. I think it was a scene from the day of the doctor as well which so so interesting to see.

Gift shop |
I love a good gift shop and this certainly wasn't one that I was going to miss out on. My dad got me a ticket that entitled (Look at me using fancy words) me to get a companion package. In my package I got a very cool bag with he trade on, a wrist band, an official companion certificate (I'm so cool, I know), a companions guide, a souvenir ticket and last but certainly not least...a tardis key. I know its not real but that's the coolest thing ever and I feel like a proper part of doctor who. My mum also got me a river song journal because she knows that I've wanted one for years. The last few pictures are just of the bits that were in the entrance. 

I'm sorry that post was so long. If you made it to then end then let me know in the comments, that's commitment to my blog. If you know anyone who is a whovian then please share this because I would love this to be shared with people. I know some people can't go there because of where they live so I would love for them to see what its like.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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