Thursday, 17 September 2015

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Hello lovelies,
I'm sorry that I didn't upload a baking post yesterday. Ive got a cold, a bad throat and I'm just a little disconnected with everything at the minute. It was one of those days where I just needed to come home and have a nap. I did and it was great if any of you were wondering.  As most of you know, I went to London a few weeks ago and I stopped by the crumbs and doilies cake shop. I wanted to share my experience with you and show you some of the amazing cakes I got.

I went to the shop in Soho which was a nightmare to find but we got there in the end. The shop was absolutely beautiful and even though it was small, it felt so welcoming and the staff were so friendly and it was just such a great atmosphere. The cake selection was a tad overwhelming. It was like heaven for a cake lover like me so I chose carefully the cupcakes I got, when I say I got I actually that my dad got for me. 

I really love the packaging they use. Its so simple and rustic but I adore it. Here's the bag we got that held the little bites of heaven. 


In this little box we got a slice of rocky road cake. My mum had this one and I was slightly jealous. This looked and smelt fantastic. I tried a teeny tiny bit of the corner and it was delicious.

We got a box of six cupcakes, we got two of some because both me and mum wanted to try them but weren't willing to share. We got two roll cupcakes, two salted caramel, one malteaser and one lemon cupcake. My mum had a role, caramel and the lemon. I must say my favourite was the role one. They were all delicious but the role cupcake was so deliciously moist. It was the best cupcake I have ever eaten. Every component of the cake was brilliant. I want to know how to make them now. The salted caramel one was also very tasty. I'm not a massive fan of salted caramel. I like it but I don't like tonnes of it. This cake had just the right amount and it was mouthwateringly good. The last cupcake I had was the malteaser cupcake. I loved this simply on the basis that the butter cream was perfect. I think they added malteaser power or crushed malteaser to it because it had such a wonderful taste.

The last thing my dad got me was this slice of heaven. It was mouth watering, it was chocolate, it was moist and it was an explosion of incredible tastes for my taste buds (okay I went overboard there). This is the chocolate caramel pretzel cake and my god it was to good for words. The cake was amazing, the pretzels were amazing and the butter cream was also amazing. I'm desperate for the recipe for this. I could eat this all day, every day and not get bored. I want you all to experience this cake. That's right, its not food its an experience and one to definitely be had. If you are ever in London then you need to go to a crumbs and doilies shop

Because the boxes were just so darn pretty I had to keep them. I have put my sharpies in the medium one because they fit perfectly, I'm keeping the big one as my memory box. Party because the box itself is so pretty and it hold a memory of the day I fell in love with this cake shop.

Ive said far to much about this now so I shall see you all tomorrow. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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