Monday, 28 September 2015

Autumn excitement |

Hello lovelies,
So its now officially autumn and that fills me with so much joy and excitement. I adore this time of year for so many reasons and I just think from Autumn is quite a magical season. I love the transition for summer to autumn and I love seeing autumn fade into winter. I love that fact that its cold. I'm not one for hot weather and there is nothing I love more than getting home at about 4pm when its turning dark, getting into some cosy pyjamas and snuggling into my bed with a hot chocolate. From when I was really little I have always loved autumn. I remember getting home from school and waiting fro my dad to come home and it would be dark outside. Every light I saw I thought it was his car and I remember the excitement when it actually was him. 

Its the little things that go with autumn I love. My cousin was born in October and when she was born  all those years ago that's when out family started turing into this awesome little bunch. My other two cousins were also born in January and February so this half of the year has memories of the excitement leading up to their arrival. This is also the time of year when gift buying starts and I feel like my family spend so much more time together around this time of year. My aunt and her family come round in their pyjamas and slippers and we go round theirs in the comfiest clothes. 

I like this time of year because its almost time for a new start. The leaves fall and get crispy. I sound of walking on crisp leaves is something I love. Wrapping myself in a soft scarf and it being acceptable to wear my mittens. This time of year also means that it acceptable for me to start playing the Christmas albums. I love popping on a bit of Michael bubles Christmas album, lighting a few candles and just drifting of to another world. It also feels like you get more time. Because its darker earlier I think that it makes me feel that I have more time. More time to just enjoy being wrapped up like a cinnamon bun in your bed, putting fluffy slippers and and cuddling a hot water bottle until you fall asleep.

I don't really know what the point of this post was but I love autumn so much and I just wanted to tell you all why. Do you love autumn as much as me? Whats your favourite thing about autumn? Let me know in the comments.

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Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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