Friday, 11 September 2015

5 Years time tag |

Hello lovelies,
I waas tagged by Lou. Go over to Lou's blog to see her beautiful blog design, her fabulous writing and get lost in her fabulous blog posts. 

This tag was created by Laura who is the owner of 'Blossom Of Hope'. Firstly, how cool is her blog name. Much better than mine. Ive had a little look through her blog and I can tell that I'm going to become obsessed. After this I shall be spending all night reading all her posts. Pop over to her blog because I think I've found a little gem here that I want you all to enjoy. 

First thing I thought of when I saw Lou's post was Oh my god I haven't heard that song in ages. Most of you will be familiar with the Noah and the whale song Five years time. I love this song and I always forget about it. Because of that reason, I have put the video round about here(ish)......

In five years time |
I would like to have a boyfriend. I really want to be one of those sassy women who doesn't need a man but I want to be married and have kids one day, so I sort of need a boyfriend for that to happen. Truth be told, I know how much I can love someone who either doesn't know or just doesn't feel the same way. Think of how much I could love someone who feels that way about me.

Be doing something I love full time. If I could make my blog my job then I would. Sadly, my blog just isn't good enough to be able to make a living out of. I just want to be doing something that makes me happy. Im happy now and I enjoy my job but who can honestly say they have their dream job? So yeah, Id like to be doing something I love full time. Whether that be writing, baking or designing. 

Meet my blogger friends. Much like Lou, I want to meet my blogging friends. I know that I won't be able to for everyone because some of you live on the other side of the world to me. I just feel like we are like a little family. We all know so much about each other because we all share so much online. It would just be amazing to meet you all and to have a conversation face to face rather than screen to screen.

Be a little healthier. Im on a never ending/never starting diet and as happy as I am. I know that I need to loose a little weight for my own health. If I want to have children one day then my weight could mean its harder for me to have kids. I don't want to be the reason that I can't have children. Please bare in mind that while I wrote that...well I was eating a share bag (To myself) of M&M's.

I would love to be able to drive. I gave up my lessons last year and I'm looking to star them again in the next month. Im going to learn in automatic and try that, I know Ill be limited on cars but hopefully in five years time I will have my driving licence.

Be happy. Im am happy with life right now but there are days when I don't want to get out of bed. I get a lot of down days which I know is normal. I would love to be genuinely happy and not have to wear a fake smile everyday. It would be nice to be happy and content with life in five years time.

I am going to tag |
Harel Ziv
Vicky Wright
Erin L

Well I hope you enjoyed that little post from me today.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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