Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spicy Chicken and bacon pizza |

Hello lovelies
So last week I made a chicken and bacon pizza. This went a little wrong but I managed to make it slightly better after having a massive strop about it. So I used a recipe that was in American cup measurements. Nothing against it but for me I like to know exactly how many grams. Cup measurements just confuse me to much. I asked on two of the blogging communities what you would like to see this week. It was close but in the end the pizza won, doesn't it always? 

Ingredients |
300g strong bread flour.
1tsp instant yeast. 
1tsp salt.
200ml water.
1tbsp olive oil.
Tomato puree.
Cheese. (Whatever you like, I used cheddar).
Hot and spicy marinade.

Equipment |
Mixing bowl.
Over at 220C.
Rolling pin.
Pizza tray (A baking tray will do).

Step 1 |
Sieve your flour, yeast and salt into a mixing bowl. You don't have to do this but I find it much easier and it makes a smoother dough.

Step 2 |
Add your water and your oil and mix it all together. You can use a mixer for this with a dough hook. I  did this by hand but do what you feel is easier. Once its all combined it will look like a really wet dough. Don't add any more flour! Just work the dough until it gets easier to knead. You just need to build up the gluten strands in the dough. 

Step 3 |
Knead your dough for about 8 to 10 minutes. When your dough looks a little like this, then you are ready to let it prove. If you're using a mixer then only mix it for about 3 minutes as you don't want to over knead your dough.

Step 4 |
Get a baking tray, pizza tray or in my case tin foil and put it to one side. Roll your dough out, moving it every few rolls and gently stretch it to the shape you want. Once you have rolled it to the thickness you want, put it carefully on the tray. I then decided I wanted it to be stuffed crust. I got my tomato puree and made an outline of where I wanted to fill with cheese. You don't have to make it stuffed crust, its up to you. When you've put the filling in, tuck the dough over the cheese or filling of your choice. 

Step 5 |
I then put little fork marks in the base of my pizza and put it in the over for a few minutes to bake it before I added my toppings. I baked it for about 7/8 minutes and then got it out. I put my tomato puree on the base. I added a little water to the tomato puree in a separate bowl, I did this because it seemed really thick. I then sprinkled on all my cheese. I finished cooking my bacon and chicken (Which I marinated with hot and spicy sauce) and then scattered it on top of my pizza. I baked it for a mother 8/10 minutes because I like my pizza crispy. Here's the end result.

I know it looks a little rubbish. I mean you wouldn't see Jamie Oliver making anything like this but it tasted pretty good. Next time I don't think I would make it stuffed crust and I would have made the base slightly thinner.

Let me know if you make this pizza, you don't have to stick to the toppings I used. If you do make this then send my your picture on twitter @daydreamawayxx (Nice little bit of self promo there).You could even make a sweet pizza by adding chocolate...Okay that might be a future baking post.

Lots of love,

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