Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My 10 favourite blogs |

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite blogs to read. I love so many blogs that there are just to many to share. Obviously my main readers come from the beau bloggers so even though I love all yours blogs, you all know them so I wanted to share with you some of the others I love to read.

I love reading Jemma's blog. I love the layout, its just so bright and makes me want to spend time on her blog. I also love her posts. I find them really interesting and her photos are stunning. Oh and she has really cool hair which is something that I absolutely love. I love coming home after a long day and settling down to read her latest posts.

Even though Sarah's blog is mainly beauty related I still love reading her posts. I'm not that interested in beauty because I don't really wear make up. However, I do feel really inspired to try out new make up looks and to try new products after seeing her posts about different products. Her photos are really well lit and they look so professional.  

I adore this blog. I think the layout is so pretty and I love her writing style. My favourite post is one that she just posted. Its called Biscuiteers Icing Class and its so cool. I would love to go to one of these classes because the ones she made looked amazing.

This is a blog that I was reading way before I started my own blog. I could spend hours scrolling through her blog posts and I wouldn't get bored. I think you will love this blog. I really love the posts she has been doing about her new house. I love being nosy and seeing whats going on in the decorating process.

Emma's blog is so lovely and has really helped me when writing blog posts. I love her posts that give us bloggers little tips. Like her latest post called useful apps for bloggers. This was so useful for me and has given me some new apps that I can use to help with my blog.

Corries blog has such a professional and sophisticated look to it. I find the layout of her blog really cool and I think her post ideas are really unique and some of them are really helpful. One of her latest posts was how to style your bookshelf. This was so helpful to me as I struggle to see what looks good on my bookshelf. I never want it to look to cluttered and her post gave me some really great ideas.

Kal's blog is so lovely. I love to go over to her sight to read all the latest posts but also to see her photos. Her photography is just so good. She says in her about me page that shes not good at photography, please go over to her blog to see just how great her photos are.

I love going to this blog to see all the food posts. I think there are some great ideas for things to bake/cook. My favourite has to be the post called Creamy peanutbutter brownie time.
This just looks so delicious and I cant wait to try making it.

I couldn't do a favourites without mentioning Lou. I always feel inspired when I read her posts. I always feel the urge to write more when I read her latest posts. I think her blog makes me want to bee a better bloggers and to make my content the best it can be.

I had to mention the one and only sprinkle of glitter. I love her blog and she is one of the main reasons I started my blog. I think Louise is just such a beautiful lady and she just spreads happiness wherever she goes or by whatever she writes. I think when I started my blog, I wanted it to be like hers because I thought that's what people wanted to see. Now I realise that my blog will be good by me writing about the topics I'm happy with and passionate about.

Well I hope you liked seeing my top 10 blogs. Obviously I couldn't mentioned every blog I read, I mean we would be here forever. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments.
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